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Spelling Challenge Activities

Spelling Challenge Activities


Extra Challenge Spelling Activities


Choose one activity from each group and complete nightly. All assignments can be turned in for extra credit or in place of a Speller's Choice contract assignment. The work, such as illustrations or cutting and pasting, should be done on 8.5 x 11 copy paper (no construction paper please).  It should be neat with no spelling errors.


“Mix It Up” Monday 

• Neatly print each word 3 times each

• Psychedelic Spelling- Write each word 3 times in a different color crayon, colored pencil or marker

• Use the computer to print each word in a different font or color

• Make a word scramble and have a friend solve it

• Write each word 3 times with your right hand and 3 times with your left hand 


“Try It Out” Tuesday

 • ABC order and reverse ABC order

• Write each word with vowels in green and consonants in purple

• Write your words twice with your right hand, then twice with your left hand

• Cut individual letters out of a magazine or newspaper to spell your words

• Write 10 tongue twisters


“Wacky Word” Wednesday 

• Write 10 sentences that use all 15 spelling words

• Write a poem (rhyming, free verse or acrostic) using at least 10 words

• Cut individual letters out of a magazine or newspaper to spell your words

• Watercolor words- write spelling words using watercolor paints

• Write a story of your choice with at least 10 words

• Pyramid Power- repeat this pattern for each word           ex.   c






“Thoroughly Know ’em” Thursday

• Parent Pop-Quiz- let your parent play “teacher” and give you a quiz on all your words

• Look up each word in the dictionary and write the guide words

• Following the pattern A=1, B=2, add up the value of each spelling word

• Fold a piece of paper into 8 boxes, illustrate each word

• Design a Word- write the words in bubble letters and decorate them

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