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Class Motto:
"If you are prepared, then you're ready to perform."

Hello, friends! Welcome to our classroom website! Hopefully, this can become a place for you to visit when you want to know "WHAT'S GOING ON?" We are working hard to come up with interesting ideas to share with you. Within this site you can find a class calendar, a homework schedule, weekly spelling lists, and other things that spotlight the learning and activities occurring in our busy classroom.

The intention of this website is to facilitate communication between home and school (it is also very useful when busy third graders forget to write down their spelling words!). If you can think of any topics or academic areas that would be helpful to have on the website, please let us know.

PUSD Mission Statement:

Our mission in collaboration with families and communities, is to educate students by providing a safe and engaging learning environment.

Our vision is to have confident students prepared for tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.

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Summer School Daily Discovery Sites:

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