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About the Surf Club About the Surf Club
est. 2006

The LBHS Surf Club was founded by local resident, former student, current Math Teacher and club advisor, Danny Bobis in 2006.

Club Mission Statement:

To foster the love, joy and lifestyle of surfing for the youth in our high school while promoting environmental awareness, activism and social responsibility in our local community and beyond.  

Since it’s inception in 2006, the Long Beach High School Surf Club has become one of the most well attended, active, and successful clubs at the High School, boasting over 30 regularly attending members and garnering a plethora of community support and media attention each year over the past 3-4 years. 

Over the past four years we have organized and hosted a number of successful events.

*Beach Clean Ups – Our Fall cleanup has become a well attended annual community event.

*Annual “Board and Gear Swap” events – Our community wide board-sports yard sale, where affordable second hand equipment and accessories are bought and sold.

*Yoga Nights – Members learn basic Hatha Yoga exercises as well as the surfing and life long benefits of practicing yoga.

*An ocean art show/ auction benefit – Local artists and photographers donated their work to the surf club for auction at this Evers Place hosted event that helped raise money for the club current and future environmental/community projects.

*Surfboard shaping demonstration(s) / Q & A session with a top regional surfboard shapers – Students learned about the surf board creation process, how to shape a surfboard and how to properly airbrush art onto surfboards.

*A Q&A session and film premier with famous surf film maker Aaron Lieber – Students were able to learn about the surf film making process and pick the brain of a young success story.

*A Surf Industry Night – a forum where various professionals including, photographers, surfers, sales representatives, environmental activists, surf shop owners and website administrators spoke to members about their occupations within the industry that they love.

*Quicksilver Tour – Video Premier / Q & A / Autograph signing with local surfing hero Balaram Stack and legendary big wave icons / professional surfers Peter Mel and Mark Healy.

*The club has received notable press coverage on the aforementioned events in the Long Beach Herald, Newsday and Eastern Surfing Magazine on numerous occasions.

*Our extensive club website this year has averaged about 400 hits per month and can be viewed at

For the past two years, the safety of Long Beach residents and our beloved beaches/shores has been threatened by big energy, as a group of wealthy investors proposed the construction of a man made Liquid (Foreign) Natural Gas island 13 miles off the Long Beach coast; thus industrializing our waters, threatening national security, marine life and our environment as a whole. Surf club members attended city council meetings, public hearings and played a role in getting the City of Long Beach to write a letter of opposition to Governor Patterson. Our community emerged victorious in July 2010 as the plug was pulled on the project!

In response to the incredible growth of surfing’s popularity at our city’s beaches during the past few years, the surf club organized, proposed and raised funds for the creation of  “Surfers Code” signs that line the boardwalk’s popular surfing beach entries (No Thanks to Thieves who stole the Lincoln and Monroe Signs!).

These signs publically demonstrate and state the rules/etiquette of surfing which aim to reduce the number of accidents and confrontations in the water. The project received notable press and TV coverage from Newsday, Telecare and News 12 Long Island.

Swim for Humanity – took place on 5/16/10 in the LBHS pool to benefit Surf Aid International’s humanitarian aid efforts in communities connected to us through surfing. Over $10,000 was raised and countless lives saved!

The 2010-2011 school year promises to be amazing for the surf club both in and out of the water, as the club now has an official district sanctioned competitive surfing team!



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