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6th Grade S.S. Mrs. Howe- 6th Grade Humanities: Social Studies

September 6-8

Wednesday- Get to know you activities

Thursday- Safety Procedures; Practice Evacuation 

Friday- JMS handbook

September 11-15

Monday- Set up S.S. folder; classroom expectations (due Tuesday)

Tuesday- S.S. Pre-Assessment (completed in class)

Wednesday- ASB Elections; learn to log in to skyward

Thursday- Begin technology tasks assignment (due Thursday, September 21)

Friday- Introduction to keyboarding; keyboarding pre-test and practice

September 18-22

Monday- Introduce Part 2 of Technology Tasks; keyboarding

Tuesday- Continue to work on Tech Tasks; keyboarding

Wednesday- Finish Tech Tasks parts 1 and 2 (due tomorrow); Use Microsoft 365 to upload Tech Tasks letter 

Thursday- Link schoology account to Microsoft (Tech Tasks Letter is homework if not done--Letter due Monday at the start of the period.

Friday- Grades lesson 

September 25-29

Monday- Use schoology to turn in letter; keyboarding

Tuesday- Map Testing

Wednesday- Geography preview (due Tuesday)Quality Continents and Oceans Map Instructions and work time (Map due Tuesday, October 3)

Thursday and Friday- Map Work time; keyboarding

October 2-6

Monday-Parts of a map (completed in class)

Tuesday- CONTINENTS AND OCEANS MAP DUE TODAY; Types of Maps;Physical Map Asia Instructions (Map due Friday);Keyboarding

Wednesday-Physical map work time

Thursday- Physical map work time (due Friday); Keyboarding

Contact Information:

Voicemail- 596-3291

School Phone Number- 596-3200

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