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Interactive Journals

What is an Interactive Journal?


Interactive Journals are used to extend a student's thinking about a concept learned in class.  The journal empowers the students to use their creativity, critical thinking skills, and what they have learned to respond to a connected lesson prompt.  Many times these journal prompts will link the essential questions of the unit or bring interdisciplinary skills (math, science, language arts, etc.) to the lesson. 

My expectation is for the students to value their thoughts, their work and treasure the journal as a portfolio of the year.

Directions for the Interactive Journal:

All journal entries will be completed in the spiral notebook.  Each entry will use a two-page spread (a left and right page with the spiral in the middle).  On the right side the student will place a piece of the lesson from the day/week.  On the left side the student will respond to the piece by completing a prompt.  Because these journals are extensions of the students' thoughts, the pages should be neat, organized and creative.  Any three-dimensional or extra paper should be glued in with the glue sticks (If the page is a mess with clumpy glue, I will ask that the student redo the page).  If coloring needs to happen on the journal page, please use colored pencils or crayons.  If markers are preferred, complete the activity on another sheet and glue onto the right-side  of the two page spread...markers will bleed through if done directly on the journal pages.


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Pamela Peters
Northwestern Lehigh