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Research Databases
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Research Databases Research Databases
Find Encyclopedias, Books, Magazine articles, Newspaper articles, and Images for your research




 What is a database?                                                     

A database is a collection of information that has been organized for the user.  There are many different kinds of databases.  The ones we are most interested in are called educational research based databases.  These include collections of newspapers, magazines, reference materials, pictures, maps, charts, graphs and other types of resources. 


How is a database different from a Website?

Today most research databases are found by using a website. However, the database itself is not a website but a collection of information that has been put together in order for students to do research. Once the user is on the website that allows them access, he/she logs into the database with a username and password.    Inside the database, the user can search for information that is found only within that collection. 

A database assures you that the information you receive is credible, reliable and has been edited and published in a reputable source. Databases are not free information. Someone, in this case, Miami-Dade County Public Schools, pays for the right to access this information. This is why you need a password and username. Many times the information found in databases has also been published in print format in a book or periodical.  When the information exists in print format, the user can find the exact publication title, copyright date and page number. 

For more information on how to evaluate websites go to Great Websites for Kids Evaluation Criteria.

These databases can be accessed at home or school.  Use the username and password provided below for access.

Facts on File                              


Find resources such as:                          See Ms. Garcia in the Media Center

 American History Online                                 for Username and Password                                              

African-American History & Culture 

American Women’s History          

World History Online                       

Ancient History & Culture                                                                      

Science Online                            

Health Reference Center            

Curriculum Resource Center            

The World Atlas                               

Career Guidance Center

Personal & Business Forms    



Find resources such as:                            See Ms. Garcia in the Media Center

Primary Documents                                       for Username and Password 


Topical essays        

200 magazines    

10,000 illustrations 

8 hours of audio & video clips              

Student Resource Center          

Literature Resource Center



SIRS Knowledge Source


Find resources such as:

Go to SIRS Government Reporter for information concerning:

    Elected leaders

    Federal departments

    Federal agencies

    Current and historic documents

    Landmark and recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions,


Go to SIRS Renaissance for information concerning:  current perspectives on the arts and humanities


Go to SIRS Researcher for information concerning:  full text articles exploring social, scientific, health, historic, business, economic, political & global issues 


                                                              See Ms. Garcia in the Media Center      

                                                                 for Username and Password 




WorldBook Online Reference Center 

Includes all of the articles from the venerable World Book Encyclopedia, our Spanish Language Encyclopedia, correlations to Florida teaching standards, and an extensive interactive dictionary and atlas.


Also included is World Book Kids, designed for primary scholars with thousands of easy-to-read articles, a wealth of hands-on activities to engage different types of learners, and teacher resources.


Additionally, the World Book Research Libraries offers a broad collection of historically important documents as well as e-book versions of classic literature.


                                                              See Ms. Garcia in the Media Center      

                                                                   for Username and Password  



Destiny Union Catalog              

M-DCPS online catalog which allows you to find the books you need.

Search the Ammons Media Center collection

Search other M-DCPS school media center collections

Search for books by subject, title, author, or browse by category. 

Find out AR levels also.


This site can also be accessed through the Virtual Library on the webpage







Thousands of world newspapers at your fingertips



For a look at the front page news of any newspaper, click here.




Click here for access to News and Magazines in FRENCH.




Click here for access to News and Magazines in SPANISH.




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