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At Ammons, we are so lucky that we have had and continue to have authors come to our school and share their writing experiences with us.  Our goal is to create opportunities like these so that students continue to get excited about reading and pick up tips for writing.  Not only does READING ROCK, but we also know there are aspiring writers sitting out there in our classrooms waiting for the right inspiration to impact their future.  Hopefully you will have an opportunity to experience an Author Event during your time here at Ammons.   

In February, we had the author of the Skinjacker series and new release "Scythe" Neal Shusterman at Ammons.  Since his writing is better suited for older students, 7th and 8th graders were invited and enjoyed his presentation.  Shusterman gets kids to really think- so his questions and student answers were truly thought-provoking.  His latest book, Scythe, is being made into a motion picture!

Ridley Pearson returned to Ammons for the third year!  The popular author of Peter and the Star Catchers and the Disney After Dark came to share his wisdom and stories with a new group of lucky students at Ammons! We hope he'll be back next year...

On September 17th, select 5th period classes attended an event with Lisa McMann (author of The Unwanteds series) and Kevin Sylvester (author of MINRS).  The authors did a wonderful job sharing their writing process and motivations.  Hopefully, budding writers were inspired by the event!

Some of the authors that have visited in the past are:

Neal Shusterman- Author of Scythe

Lisa McMann- Author of the Unwanteds Series

Rick Yancey,  Author of The Alfred Kropp Series

DJ MacHale, Author of The SYLO Chronicles, The Morpheus Road Trilogy and The Pendragon Series

Brandon Mull, Author of The Fablehaven Series, The Candy Shop Wars and The Beyonders Series

 Christina Diaz Gonzalez, Author of The Red Umbrella and A Thunderous Whisper

John Stephens, Author of The Emerald Atlas and The Fire Chronicle

Michael Scott, Author of The Immortal Secrets of Nicholas Flamel Series

Kathy and Brendan Reichs, Authors of Virals, Seizure, Code and Exposure

Melissa de la Cruz & Michael Johnston, Authors of Frozen

 J&P Voelkel, Authors of The Jaguar Stones Series

Tim Federle, Author of Better Nate than Ever and Five, Six, Seven, Nate

Ridley Pearson, Author of The Kingdom Keepers Series



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