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Science » Ants, Ants, and More Ants!

Ants, Ants, and More Ants!




In our class we read a story called, Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg.  He tells about an "ant adventure" as seen through the eyes of the ants.

Did you know a myrmecologist is a scientist who studies ants?  They are fascinating insects and deserve our respect.

Amazing Ant Facts...
*Ants have the largest insect brain.
*They work together as a team to build colonies, protect their tunnels, and carry heavy objects.
*Ants can lift 10-20 times their body weight! Could you?

Below are sites with lots of information for the amateur myrmecologist.

Stranger Than Fiction
Ant Facts
Bug Food Recipes Enchanted Learning Ants
Just for fun play, The Great BugOff!


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