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Science » Volcanoes and Earthquakes!

Volcanoes and Earthquakes!




Our Earth is NOT a quiet place!

We read about volcanoes and earthquakes in third grade.  Did you know that the ground you stand on is called the Earth's crust?  Did you know that the crust is divided into huge pieces called plates that slide around on top of melted rock called magma?  If a crack, called a fault, opens up between two plates, a volcano can form.  If the huge plates move too fast along these fault lines, we may have earthquakes!

Are you curious about our Earth and how exciting it can be? If the answer is, "YES!" then just scroll down and you can visit some cool sites to learn even more!

Volcano Sites

National Geographic Volcano Site

Volcano Cam

US Geological Society

Volcanoes On Line

Kids Discovery Pompeii Game

Forces of Nature

Hawaiian volcanoes

Enchanted Learning Vocano

Volcano World

Volcano Video Clips

Exploratorium on Faults

FEMA for Kids

PBS Hawaii

Map of Ring of Fire


Earthquake Sites

USGS for Kids

Massachusetts Earthquakes

PBS Tectonics

Earthquake legends

Forces of Nature


Earthquake Questions

Jack London’s Eyewitness account
of the San Francisco Quake

PBS Savage Earth

Exploratorium on Faults

San Francisco’s Great Shake

Crossword Puzzle

Music is
Volcano by Jimmy Buffet

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