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Projects and Fieldtrips » I.I.M. Independent Investigation Method Research Project

I.I.M. Independent Investigation Method Research Project


Researching Causes of Species Endangerment

Using I.I.M.

Independent Investigation Method

See our finished projects below!

Amazing Animals!
The Animal Kingdom is an amazing place! Everything needs to be in perfect balance. An animal's habitat must provide shelter, food, clean water, and adequate space. When these factors are out of balance animals may become endangered or extinct. Third graders study habitats, food chains, the effect of man on the environment, and the major causes of endangered species. "Animal Studies" will be our first science unit of the year.

Some of the Endangered Species in Massachusetts
Shortnose sturgeon, Plymouth redbelly turtle, Roseate tern, Humpback whale, American burying beetle, Northeastern bulrush, Atlantic sturgeon, Upland sandpiper, Northern copperhead, Short-eared owl, Puritan tiger beetle, Eastern silvery aster

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