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Math » Place Value Perfection!

Place Value Perfection!

Place Value is how our number system works.  Without it we wouldn't be able to write large numbers.  Just think.... with just 10 digits - 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, we can write ANY number we choose!
That means the value of a digit (what it's worth) depends on its place (where it is in the number). Therefore we have the term PLACE... VALUE.
Get it? COOL!

So a 2 could be worth 2...20...200... and into the

and so on,
and so on,
and so ON!
Below are sites with lessons and awesome games to learn more about Place Value and to practice your number skills. What are you waiting for? Click the links to... "Perfect Your Place Value Skills!"
Place Value Place Value Demo Shark Pool
Place Value Game
Place Value Game Expanded Form Place Value in Words
Arrow Cards Place the Penguin Place Value Puzzler
Cookie Dough
Say Really Big Numbers!
Take My Number
E-Lab Place Value
Tank Game Hidden Picture Place Value Millionaire
Sea Shell Rounding Place Value War

Pirate Place Value
(with decimals)

Place Value Golf Cyberchase One False Move
Rounding Flash Cards 6 Digit Place Value

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