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Mr. I's Science Classroom
Mr. I's Science Classroom
Mr. I (Top Secret)
Mr. I (Top Secret)
Bay Middle School
Bay Middle School
6th Grade Science (Students)
6th Grade Science (Students)
Flipped Classroom (Science)
Flipped Classroom (Science)
Interactive Science Notebook (ISN)
Interactive Science Notebook (ISN)
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The Teachers' Zone
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6th Grade (Parents)
6th Grade (Parents)
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The Teachers' Zone » Science Units » Science Inquiry

Science Inquiry Science Inquiry

Process of Science            

Lab Safety

Safety First!
Lab Safety PowerPoint
Science Safety Song
Lab Safety Scenarios

Nature of Science and Science Inquiry

Doing Science: Scientific Inquiry
Draw a Scientist w/student feedback
Mystery Boxes Lesson Plan

Tricky Tracks

Periodic Table
Owl Pellet

Disarticulated skeletons
Mystery Bones
The Cans
Sunflower Seeds 
Finger Print
Never Ending Lab
Sample Lessons

Crime Scene: The Missing Computer Chip
Inquiry and Nature of Science
The Nature of Science (Puzzle)
Inquiry - Mystery Cubes

Observing and Inferring

Tricky Tracks
Mystery Footprints: Great Observation Builder
Cartesian Diver Observation (pdf)
Observation Game - Memory (20 Objects)
Observe and Infer (6 Stations)

Test Your Skills of Observation (Clue Video)

Awareness Video (Observation)

Ode to Joy Video
Observation and Inference PowerPoint (Introduction)
Siouan Village (Observation and Inference Project) - Archeology
Observation and Inference Worksheet

Look at old photographs from the 1800s, early 1900s. Some of them are so silly and hysterical - the kids loved to look at them. They had to draw conclusions about what was going on in the photo based on their observations.


Water Drops on a Penny
"Sinkin' Lincoln Lab"


Lab: Creepy Critters (Fun)
Shoe Classification (PDF)
Lab: Fingerprint Classification 
Classifying Items
Introduction to Dichotomous Keys (Grades 6-8) 
Living Things - Classification (Tree Diagram) = Interactive
Classification: Harry Potter & Jelly Beans



The Density Triangle - A Nifty Little Gadget (Very Cool)
Metric System Webquest
Metric vs. Imperial System Video (2 Minutes)
Bill Nye Video Worksheet (Mass, Volume, Density)
Metric System (Unit Plan) - Middle School
     Lesson 5
     Lesson 4
     Lesson 3
     Lesson 2
     Lesson 1
Length Review: Centimeters and Millimeters Only (Great Practice)
Length Presentation (PPT) - Basic units of length and how to measure distances.
Length Worksheet (pdf) - Student worksheet that goes along with the presentation.
Length Lab (pdf) - Length of various objects in millimeters, centimeters, and meters.
Units of Measure - Length (pdf)

Mass Mania  -
Mass Presentation (PPT) - How to measure mass using a triple-beam balance.
Mass Worksheet (pdf) - Student worksheet that goes along with the presentation.
Mass Lab (pdf)
Volume Practice Lab
Volume Presentation (PPT) - Measure volume of regular and irregular objects.
Volume Worksheet (pdf) - Student worksheet that goes along with the presentation.
Volume Lab (pdf)
To Sink or Not to Sink, That is the Question
Diving Raisins
Floating Golf Ball
Density Fun
Density Demo - Coke vs. Diet Coke
Liquid Layers Density Lab
Seven Layer Density Column
Mystery Canisters (pdf)
BrainPop Measuring Matter Video
Metric Fun
Metric Olympics - Download this PDF with ideas for the Metric Olympics!
Gummy Bear Lab  -
Metric America - Explore this site for great activities to help your students master the metric system! Don't miss the Instant Metric area.
Metric System Info - Lots of great information for any unit on the metric system!
Metric Estimation Game ( - A great game involving the metric system that is played like the TV Game show "The Price Is Right"!
Metric Measurement Stations (Mass, Length, Volume) - PDF File - A great set of station activities that incorporate mass, volume, length, capacity, Temperature, and much more)
Think Metric - A great resource for information for students and teachers! The site also offers metric posters, rulers, games, and more!
CSI:Science Process Skills

Scientific Method (Experimenting)

Gummy Bear Lab
Ketchup Lab
Fingerprint Lab
Marble Ramp Lab
Paper Towel Absorption Lab
Penny Drops Lab
Rubber Band Variable Lab
Rubber Band Shoot Lab
Bean-O! Lab
Experimental Design Performance AssessmentPing-Pong Lab
Bubble Lab

Scientific Method Flow Chart
Project:  Scientific Method Comic Strip
M&M Lab
The Scientific Method (PowerPoint)
Steps of the Scientific Method (PowerPoint)
Introducing Inquiry: NSTA Mystery Film Canisters
Scientific Method Challenge
Pop! Goes the Bubbles
Paper Airplane Background
Inquiry Curricular Companions
Checks Lab: Piecing It Together
CSI: The Case of the Missing Chip
False Assumptions Can Get You In Trouble
Scientific Method - Overview Sheet
Scientific Method - Self-Assessment Sheet
Scientific Method - Introductory Activity
Observations and Inferences Practice
Observations and Inferences - Is There a Gremlin in the Drink Machine
Designer Planes
Heart Rates Lab
Steps to Solving a Problem
Scientific Method (PPT.)
Scientific Method Terms
Understanding the Components of an Experiment
More Graphing
Jacob's Experiment
Peter's Experiment
Diane's Experiment
Experiment Story
Scientific Method - Open Response Question
Lab Report Format
Lab Report Template
Lab Report - Grading Rubric
Writing Procedures
Scientific Method Project
Presentation Rubric - Scientific Method Project
Find Someone Who... - Scientific Method 


6th Grade Science - Mr. I
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