Science Process Skills - Practice Test Sci. Process Skills - Prac.Test

Directions: Please don't peek at the answers unless your completely done with the practice test. If you have any concerns about your answers please see me as soon as possible.


1.  D              

2.  C            

3.  A            

4.  A             

5.  B              

6.  B               

7.  C             

8.  B               

9.  D               

10. D 

11. C             

12. A

13. B

14. Keep Same (Controls): Type Fish, Amount of Food, # Fish, Environmental Conditions

Change (Independent Variable): Size of fish tank


15. Indep. Variable - Amount of cooking time; Dep Variable - Taste (Rank)

Controls - size of cookie dough ball, type of cookie dough, Temp of Oven/Cookie Sheet

Measuring tools - timer, oven (temperature)

What proving? - How does cooking time effect the taste of cookies?

Errors - Temperature of oven became warmer over time, mass of cookie dough balls were incorrectly measured, cookie sheet already used and warmed up


16. Indep. Variable - Type of waste basket;  Dep Variable - # Baskets Made

Controls - Number of balls thrown, type of sporting ball used, distance thrown from, style of toss, environmental conditions

Measuring tools - ruler (measure distance thrown), tally chart (# made)

Errors - Didn't measure distance or count correctly, people might toss differently,


17. A

18. B


19. Indep.Variable - Type of ball;  Dep Variable - Distance Traveled (cm)

Controls - Angle of the ramp, force used to release (stick), environment

Measuring tools - Measuring Tape (distance), protractor (measure the angle)

What Proving? - Which type of ball rolls the farthest distance at a certain angle.

Errors - Angle incorrect, problem with the release, ball roll straight down the ramp?


20. B

21. C

22. B

23. C

24. D

25. D

26. The lead ball now has a different volume (amount of space) which can drastically effect the density of an object. This change in volume will probably create a smaller density which may cause the object to float compared to when it originally sank. Just think, you can change the volume of your body in a swimming pool. If you spread yourself out on top of the water, you float becuase your volume is large compared to your mass. But if you curled up into a ball, you would sink because you've changed your volume and the overall density of your body is now greater than 1.0 g/ml. Your mass will stay the same.

26B. Beetle and Chipmunk Footprint Picture - C

27. The density of the water was changed by adding salt. This makes it more dense than before.  This slight change causes the 5 eggs to float on top of the water instead of sink.

28. Willow - The wood is the least dense of all the other woods seen in the picture. As a result of this, it would be able to displace more water and hold more heavy camping equipment

29.  C

30. Same Size Jars, Rocks Need to be the Same Size (Mass) , Shaking Time, Environmental Conditions. There could be other controls in this experiment as well.

31. C

32. C

33. A 

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