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6th Grade Science (Students)
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6th Grade Science (Students) » Practice Test/Quiz Answers » Energy

Energy Energy

Energy - Practice Test Answers

Directions: Please don't peek at the answers unless your completely done with the review guide. Please correct your practice test using a pen and leave your previous answers if they were wrong.


1. H

2. E

3. I

4. A

5. B

6. F

7. K

8. L

9. C

10. N




14. A

15. C

16. C

17. A

18. gravitational

19. mechanical

20. kinetic energy

21. stays the same; energy is not created or destroyed, it just changes forms

22. D

23. B

24. B

25. D

26. potential, kinetic

27. kinetic, potential

28. The amount of gravitational potential energy is increasing, kinetic energy decreases

29. E

30. G

31. G

32. E

List the 7 Types of Energy - Answers will vary

33. Sound - A musician playing the drums - KE

34. Chemical - Using a battery to light a bulb - PE

35. Electrical - Lightning streaking across the sky - KE

36. Thermal - Warmth produced by a candle - KE

37. Radiant (Light) - Sunlight streaming through your window - KE

38. Mechanical - A snowball rolling down a hill - KE

39. Nuclear - Using uranium (element) to produce power at a nuclear power plant - PE

40. Position 5 if there is no friction. With friction, the highest it will get would be #4

41. No - Because the law of conservation of energy says we cannot create or destroy energy. The original PE is equal to the height of position 1, so it can never reach a height higher than its original PE.

Energy Questions

1. Gravitational Potential Energy to Kinetic Energy

2. Energy is never created or destroyed, it just changes forms

3. Friction between the firefighter and metal pole

4. transforming

5. kinetic energy in the wind into mechanical power and later electricity

6. battery, coal, oil, food

7. kinetic

8. battery, coal, oil, food

9. Moving water can be used to produce energy because potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy. Stored water is converted into kinetic energy. As the water travels, it is converted into electrical energy by having it turn a generator.

10. mechanical to thermal

11. Roller Coaster on the way down a hill

12. Energy that is stored and in position, ready to be used

13. gravitational potential energy

Short Answers

1. Ball Being Shot - Potential to Kinetic
    Bouncing Ball - Creation of Sound Energy and thermal energy
    Players Moving, Jumping - Mechanical Energy

A. radio, windshield wipers, lights

B. Radio - Chemical to Electrical to Sound Energy
   Wipers - Chemical to Electrical to Mechanical Energy
   Lights - Chemical to Electrical to Radiant/Heat Energy

Energy Transformations

1. Energy transformation - the process of changing from one form of energy into another

2. Kinetic Energy transforms into Gravitational Potential Energy as the ball climbs upward followed by the potential energy transforming back to KE as the ball descends.

3. Mechanical Energy changes into thermal and sound energy; amount of energy stays the same

4. Friction - A force that holds back the movement of a sliding object

5. Mechanical to Electrical - A spinning turbine making electricity

Energy Transformations (Part 2)

1. Toast in Toaster = Electrical to thermal/light

2. Watching TV = Electrical to light and sound

3. Curling Iron = Electrical to thermal

4. Turning on a lamp = Electrical to light and heat

5. Digesting Food = Chemical to Heat

6. Energy is not created or destroyed, energy changes forms; amount of energy stays the same

6th Grade Science - Mr. I
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