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As-Salamu Alaikum and Peace be upon you!

Welcome to the Muslim Educational Trust Teacher Resources Website!

Launched in July 2011, this website is dedicated to providing our hard-working teachers and educators as well as parents with valuable resources that will enhance the teaching and learning experiences for our teachers and students alike.

To get started, please click on the My Resources link along the leftside margin.

We aim to provide top-notch, high quality education to the next generation of young American Muslims.  May Allah, the Most Gracious, bless all our efforts and bless our teachers and make us all steadfast in serving in His most noble cause of educating our youth and shaping our future, one young heart and mind at a time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at metpdx93@yahoo.com and by phone at (503) 579-6621.

Thank you and happy teaching!


Muslim Educational Trust


About Oregon Passionate Teachers:

Vision & Objective:
The objective of this online forum is to create a medium for professional and passionate educators to share and come up with creative ideas to implement in the classroom, share resources, and collaborate on various ventures, including an annual staff development session, as well as student and staff exchange visits throughout the school year. Our goal is to create a community of youth who are open-minded and capable of conversing, sharing ideas, and collaborating with one another on various extracurricular activities and community service projects.

Who We Are:
Launched in December 2012 by the Muslim Educational Trust, the Oregon Passionate Teachers network is open to all and is honored to include teachers from a wide spectrum of Oregon public, private, and charter schools, including Oregon Episcopal School, Valley Catholic, Arbor School, Catlin Gabel, and Oregon Islamic Academy, among others.
To Subscribe or Unsubscribe:
To subscribe or unsubscribe at any time, please send an email to metpdx@metpdx.org with a subject line to Subscribe/Unsubscribe from OPT - Oregon Passionate Teachers.

Disclaimer: The views represented in all links included on this site do not necessarily reflect the views of the Muslim Educational Trust. 

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