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5th Grade Mathematics Expectations


Welcome to your study of mathematics! Here is some information you will want to know about your mathematics class. Please read this information carefully, share it with your parents, and keep it in your math notebook for reference throughout the year.


 Class Expectations

v     Please come to class on time with your textbook, notebook, pencil, and completed homework.

v     Please ask and answer questions in class. This is the best way to improve your understanding of the concepts. You will also be doing your classmates a favor by sharing your knowledge.

v     At times you will participate in cooperative learning activities. Although you may be working with a partner or a group, you will be evaluated as an individual. You certainly may discuss and work out problems together, but you are responsible for having the written work in its entirety on your own paper. This also gives you the opportunity to disagree with your partner or group and write your own answer.

v     Hopefully you will leave class with a good understanding of the material presented in class. Realistically, this is not always the case. It takes time to understand concepts, so please feel comfortable about asking for help. The sooner you let me know how I can help, the more you will enjoy what we are studying in class. I will be glad to meet you for extra help.

v     Please be considerate of all members of the class. At some point you will be the person who does not understand the material. So be kind and supportive of your classmates. We want everyone to feel comfortable in class. A positive attitude and a willingness to try your best are the ways that you can support yourself!


 Assignment Sheets

An assignment sheet that describes what we are doing in class along with nightly assignments will be posted in the classroom and found on my webpage. You will be required to write each night's assignment in your planner. Look for upcoming projects, quizzes, and tests. The purpose of an assignment sheet is to give you the opportunity to appropriately plan your time. Please do not go forward with the assignments without the benefit of class. However, when you are absent, you may attempt the assignment. At the very least you will know what you missed during your absence. Please get in the habit of seeing me after an absence for extra help and to make sure you are current with your work. Although I try not to, I reserve the right to change assignments if circumstances call for it.



v     Homework, due at the beginning of class, is assigned with the intent to give you an opportunity to practice, reflect, and improve upon your understanding of concepts presented in class. It is difficult to succeed at anything if you do not practice. Most homework assigned will be collected and graded after questions have been answered in class. Homework is a factor in your overall grade. Effort, consistency, neatness, completion, proper form, and accuracy all contribute to the quality of each assignment and will be reflected in your homework average.

v     Homework must be completed in pencil on regular loose-leaf paper.

v     You may correct your homework assignments on the back of your paper or on a separate sheet (Do not erase original work.). If you have indicated a solid understanding of the material, you will earn half points back. Corrections must be completed within two school days.


Quizzes and Tests

v     Quizzes may or may not be announced. All quizzes under 70% must be corrected on a separate sheet of paper.

v     A test is always announced and generally follows a review day. You may expect a test at the end of each chapter or unit of study. All tests must be signed by a parent and returned with the appropriate corrections on a separate sheet of paper.

v     When absent, quizzes and tests must be made up the day you return to school, unless material has been missed due to a longer absence. In that case, other arrangements will be made.

v     Please save all quizzes and tests, along with class activities and projects, in the file folder provided for you in the classroom.


                                   We’ll have a terrific year!




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