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Oklahoma PASS Objectives Oklahoma PASS Objectives

Oklahoma Priority Academic Student Skills


This year your student will be able to…








Use words in contextto determine meaning

Read regularly in independent andinstructional level texts

Use pre-reading strategies

Analyze characteristics of different genres

Conduct research and organize information

Listen for information and pleasure

Apply knowledge of root words and recognize origins and meanings

Increase silent reading speed through daily independent reading

Recognize main ideas and supporting details

Demonstrate knowledge of literary elements

Use reference features of printed text

Recognize barriers to effective listening

Use resource materials such as glossaries, dictionaries, and thesauruses

Read silently for increased periods of time

Recognize cause and effect

Identify and analyze figurative language

Analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources

Express ideas in group and individual situations

Expand knowledge of words and word meanings

Identify words rapidly so that attention is directed at the meaning of the text

Draw inferences and conclusions and support them with text

Read and respond to historically and culturally significant works of literature

Compose a well-organized presentation

Interpret and respond creatively to literature

Communicate using appropriate delivery for the audience

Summarize information

Use timelines, outlines, and graphic organizers to clarify text


Identify and evaluate conflict and resolution



Critically analyze characters and their motives

Evaluate structural patterns of text


Distinguish between fact and opinion

Monitor and correct own reading

6th Grade Literature
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