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Committee chairperson checklist:

  •  Get folder for the committee you are chairing (or create one if the folder is missing or this is a new event. Update and include committee steps as well as any flyers or letters used (put on disc/stick if possible).

  • Meet with your committee to discuss and develop a plan. Get contact info of committee members. One member of the committee should be responsible for media advertising; i.e.: flyers, website, connect ed, Facebook, district website and scroll.
  •  Hold meetings when necessary. 
  •  Delegate responsibilities and encourage committee members to actively participate.
  •  Attend PTSA meetings and report progress to membership and board.  If you cannot attend, be sure to email or text your report to either vice-president.
  •  Have all flyers approved by presidents and principals before distributing.
  •  Check the mailbox in the main office to see if there are any materials pertaining to your   committee (such as posters or pamphlets).
  • Know your budget and spend accordingly. Contact Karen Lynch at 457-5324 if you need a cash box. Keep receipts if purchases are made and submit them attached to a Check Request Form to Karen Lynch for reimbursement.  There will be NO reimbursements without receipts!  Be sure to use a PTSA tax exempt form with each purchase (these will be provided).
  •  Return the completed folder when you are finished.

Speak with either of the vice presidents if there are any questions or problems: Cheryl Ittem at 917 364-9693 or Rosanna Kluth at 808-2745 or email us at

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