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Ms. Basile's PK3 Class
Ms. Basile's PK3 Class
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Ms. Basile's PK3 Class What's happening in PK 3!

Week of Sept. 11-15

We survived the first week of Pre-k! What an exciting, scary, and exhausting first week for students, teachers, and probably parents too! We had a fun time this week reading handmade books about our teachers, making attendance cards, measuring our height, painting our hands for our job chart, singing and reading about the days of the week, learning about our daily schedule, making face plates, learning about street signs, walks around the school, and playing red light green light. We also had fun exploring our sensory table (which was filled with beans this week), reading books about the first days of school, and building structures in the block area.

Math concepts for the week:                   Literacy concepts:

Comparison words: more/less                     Letter: A, P, H, D, F, N

Counting sets of objects up to 6                  Directionality of print

Sequencing: before/after                             Making books

                                                                    Days of the week

                                                                    Reading common signs 

Don’t forget to check the snack calendar for your assigned date. Thanks to everyone who brought in snack this week, we definitely all enjoyed it!

In your child’s backpack this week you will find:

1.      A photo permission sheet: please return to school by Friday Sept. 22nd!

2.      A purple St. Louis spirit shirt: these will be worn to school the last Friday of the month

3.      A magazine fundraiser form

Let me know of any of these didn’t make it home or if you need an extra copy!

Ms. Basile
St. Louis School
11 Rand Place
Pittsford, NY 14534