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Mrs. Nieves's Group A ELA/SS Homework for Group A
Tonight's Homework

                  Welcome to Mrs. Nieves's website!

                GROUP A Homework 

                 Thursday, April 27


1._____ Blue book: page 53 no passes

2. ____ No Talking: page 14 no passes

3. ____ Political Cartoon: #16 due on Monday. Create your own p.c. with 3 good thinking questions. no passes

4. ____ Adjectives test: Friday

5._____ Spelling test: Friday

*Storyworks magazine student sign in: room142dn

Social Studies:

1._____ Economics packet: pages 18-19 (due Friday) no passes

2.____ Bring crayons and a flair to class.

3.____ Vocabulary test: Friday, 5/12 words and definitions of #1-25


Extra Notices:

*Boat trip $ due by May 19th.

*There are different boat trip dates for the class.

*Storyworks magazine student sign-in: room142dn

Upcoming Tests:

~Spelling test: 4/28

~Adjectives test: 4/28

~SS Vocabulary: 5/12 (#1-25)













































































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