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PTA Council Minutes » September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 September 12, 2016

Island Trees PTA Council Meeting

September 12, 2016

Meeting Opened: 7:12 pm

Attendance: Debbie Jablonowski, Eileen Schroeder, Sunaina Mathur, Kathi Sidewitz, Jodi Kilbride, Suzanne Heigel, Maureen Kutzma, Lisa Zizzo, Erin Pinto, Monica Navarette, Stephanie Mignanelli

Introductions – All

Inspirational Message – Sunaina Mathur “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” – MLK, Jr.

Secretary’s Report – Kathi Sidewitz - June minutes pending approval

Treasurer’s Report – Jodi Kilbride – Balance as of 9/1: $4460.11. Debbie, Jodi and Eileen will meet at TD bank soon to make sure they’re all on the account.

Corresponding Secretary’s Report – Nassau Region PTA mailing with upcoming workshops if anyone is interested.

Superintendent’s Report – Dr. Murphy not present. Discussed leave replacement for Dr. Bloom’s vacant position. Jodi will meet with Dr. Murphy soon to discuss Kindergarten class size. 167 students in 7 classes. Many parents feel it’s too many. With push-ins one class reaches 26 students. Parents are concerned with whether or not academic needs are being met as well as the safety of the students.

Committee Reports:

Boosters – Eileen Schroeder – working on collecting envelopes.

Tribune – Suzanne Heigel – 17 so far. New fee structure this year with Tribune - they will pay $10 to council per subscription and/or renewal vs. a percentage of the total.

District Pictures – Debbie Jablonowski – contract with Class Act up @ the end of this year. Family plan is good. We’ll see how it goes this year and discuss if we’ll look somewhere else. Anyone interested in taking this committee over? No interest.

New signs for Elementary schools – PTA is committed to replacing one of the signs, council will use on hand balance of $3692 for the other sign. Discussion tabled until January.

New Business:

Budget Review – 2016-17 budget needs to be adjusted. In order to keep up with current expenses, council will need a fundraiser this year. Discussion of dinner

dance, Governor’s comedy club night, Light the Night again? Kathi will reach out to Barbara Perrelli to see if she’d be interested in chairing again. Discussion will continue at next meeting.

Unit Reminder – Dues, Insurance, Budgets

  • PTSA – Paid dues at tonight’s meeting, gave insurance certificate to Debbie at tonight’s meeting. Proposed budget is ready and will be presented to membership at the September 20th PTSA meeting.

  • PTA – Will pay dues and provide certificate of insurance ASAP. Proposed budget will be presented to membership at September 28th PTA meeting.

  • SEPTA – Will pay dues and provide certificate of insurance ASAP. Proposed budget will be presented to membership at November 3rd SEPTA meeting.

Contact List – PTSA provided contact list via email on August 4.

Committees to be filled:

  • District Dinner -

  • Honorary Life/Founder’s Day – Maureen Dieppa

  • Meet the Candidate –

  • Nominating – Eileen, Sunaina, Monica

  • Scholarships – Erin, Suzanne, Stephanie

  • School Board Appreciation (October 26) – Rosanna Kluth

  • Signage – Budget Vote – All

  • Audit – Suzanne, Kathi, Lisa

Unit Reports: SEPTA, PTA, PTSA

  • SEPTA – will be @ Sparke Meet the Teacher to speak about SEPTA, first meeting November 3rd – guest speaker TBD, Paint Nite fundraiser planned for November 10th.

  • PTA – Sparke Meet the Teacher on Tuesday night, KidStuff books going home with Kindergarteners this week (sibs will get flyer), Miss Chocolate catalog sale starting next week, Harvest sale flyer going home soon

  • PTSA – Pic days Tuesday and Wednesday, Clothing fundraiser ends 9/20 all ordering is online – will see how that goes. Grandma’s Pies fundraiser begins 10/3, PTSA catering dinner for both schools during P/T conferences, Cultural Arts: Rachel’s Challenge coming to the MS on 10/18 and Chris Herren coming to the HS on January 12, first PTSA meeting 9/20 @ 8:00 pm

Meeting Closed: 9:41 pm

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