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» Unit 1: Properties of and Changes in Matter
» Unit 2 Energy and States of Matter
» Unit 3-4 Energy and Phase Changes and Calorimetry
» unit 5 substances and mixtures
» Unit 6: Atomic Theory and Nuclear
» Unit 7 -Electrons in Atoms
» Unit 8 - Periodic Table
» Unit 9 - Ionic and Metallic Bonding
» Unit 10 - Covalent Bonding
» Unit 11 - Energy in Chemical Changes
» Unit 12 - Classification of Chemical Reactions
» Unit 13 - Stoichiometry
» Unit 14 - Stoichiometry Part II
» Unit 15 - Acids and Bases
» Spring Semester Final
» 2nd Semester Study Buddy KEYS
» 1st Semester Study Buddies
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My Home Page Chemistry IK
Adams, Boulanger, Headlee, Mancuso, McCaskill, Rodriguez

Welcome to the ChemistryI K webpage.   Please acquaint yourself with the site.  The GENERAL INFO tab contains the nuts and bolts for the course.  The subpages will include:  unit calendars, notes, study aids, revelant handouts, and review activities.


Please feel free to contact any of the ChemistryI K instructors via email at:

Pamela    Remind:  Open Browser, Enter:

Margaret Boulanger:     Remind101: Text "@bouchemk" to  81010

Justo Headlee:      Remind101: Text "@bazingak" to  81010

Effie Mancuso:     Remind101: Text "@sharknado2" to  81010

Jill McCaskill:     Remind101: Text "@rockchalk" to  81010

Nicole Rodriguez:    Remind101: Text "@bfndrod" to  81010


Parents:  Remind101 is a online resource used to broadcast group one-way messages to our students and parents.  The messages are used to relay information regarding exams and labs.  We have a dedicated account for the chemistry parents.  Text "@examcats" to 81010 to join the parent account.  Please feel free to subscribe to the parent and student accounts, but be aware that the student account receives messages as early as 6:00 am in order to remind students of lab day attire.



student login:  Cfisd2_sSTUDENT NOVELL LOGIN

password:  CY-FAIR002

Chemistry K
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