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https://plickers.com/assets/images/847856ab.standardsetsheet.pngAbout Plickers

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Advantages of Plickers:

·         Plickers are a very quick, interactive formative assessment tool.

·         Teachers can see students actions and interactions as they select answers. 

(Students are not hidden behind a computer screen or device.)

·         Unlike many other forms of assessment, it is anonymous.

·         No time is lost waiting for kids to log into an app.

·         The only device, account and password needed is the teacher’s phone.

Uses for Plickers:

·         Exit slips, warm up, quick check up

·         You can use Plickers to assess learning on a field trip, outside or elsewhere when student technology is not easily accessible.

Plicker FYIs:

·         Like clickers, students have a number.

·         You can copy and paste in a roster rather than typing in names individually.

·         You can add in your students and questions into the program, or use them “on the fly” with the card numbers and questions from your books, notes, etc.

·         Varied size cards are available depending on your preference or student needs.

·         The answer on the top of the card is the one being selected.

·         If laminating, you should use matte lamination and not glossy.

·         Questions can be created from the app, logging into your computer, or on the fly without putting them in.

·         Questions can include an image.

·         Go to reports page for more detailed view of student responses.

Plickers Help:

·         Plickers Webinar

o   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8L5JEMWmte0

·         Help on the Plickers Webpage:

o   plickers.com/help

·         Email Help

o   help@plicers.com


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Madison County Schools
1428 Robert R. Martin ByPass
Richmond, KY 40475