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Online Lesson Planbook

My Teacher Pages - This is the site used to create this website. If you need assistance creating your site, please contact Rita. Also, before you sign up, Rita can give you a code which will give you an extra month free.

Tube Chop- web site that edits You Tube or any type of video. Copy the URL to the Tube Chop website and voile, you can edit. If you have ever seen a really cool clip but can’t show it because it has some a little something inappropriate, this could be the answer.


Todaysmeet-  this web site allows you to set up a “meeting” with students or will allow you to store an interactive type “blog” meeting for a certain amount of days. This might be good for someone who is out sick, or project related things that the student would be working on from home. You create a room and the others can join. 

QR Code Generator - Allows you to create a bar code for your website. You can create one, give students a copy, and they can scan and get to your webpage instantaneously.


If you are looking for an excellent resource in Instructional Technology, check out Lee Lefever on youtube. He has countless videos on the above tech pieces,how to incorporate them, and how to use them!


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