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Freak the Mighty Freak the Mighty

Resources for Teaching Freak the Mighty


Freak the Mighty Teacher Booklet - Excellent resource sheets and group activities included in this material. Even on those which may need a little increase in the level, the concepts are good.

Student Choice Activities - A variety of activities, some at low levels and some at high, related to the book. Click on English, Grammar and Novels.

Discussion Questions and Vocabulary - Mostly lower level questions, but the vocabulary might be helpful.

Scholastic Guide - There are a few activities in this one.

Freak Online Cloze Activity

Resource Room - The activities on this site are very structured, but there are tidbits which you may find very useful.

Rodman Philbrick Website - Includes interview with the author questions. It is very interesting to ask the students to answer the questions from the perspective of the author, then compare their answers. This site is also includes an interview with Rodman Philbrick.

Various Activities - Unevaluated



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