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Lilly's Crossing Lilly's Crossing

Lily's Crossing Teaching Resources

Books R4 Teens - If you scroll through this page, you will find media links, teaching ideas, author information, and much more.

Lily's Crossing WebQuest - Writing a news article from a historical perspective, incorporating technology skills, and using inference are all tied into this webquest. These ideas could easily be "tweaked" to fit beautifully into most language arts classrooms regardless of your comfort level or accessibility to technology.

Multnomath County Library Discussion Guide - This has a few good discussion questions to choose from.

Random House Guide - Some brief cross-curricular ideas.

Lily's Crossing Performance Guide - Even though the activity pages are based upon a 2005 performance of Lily's Crossing, they could certainly be completed by students who are making inferences about the play based on the book. Some are very good.

Salisbury University Book Guide - There are a couple of tidbits on this site.

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