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Inquiry Resources

The following list was provided by Dr. Melinda Wilder, Eastern Kentucky University 




NSTA - One of the best places to see inquiry activities is through NSTA . Join NSTA and then use their website, search ScienceScope (middle grades journal) for inquiry activities.  

  For example, Waves on the Fly: Encouraging Inquiry in the Physics Classroom - By: Michael Cottam, Science Scope , Jan 06

The Exploratorium - This site has a variety of activities that can be used in an inquiry based science lesson. Exploratorium Science Snacks has short simple activities that can be used in an inquiry lesson.


Inquiry in Action, American Chemical Society.  This site has many inquiry activities on physical science and chemistry concepts.


MAIS K-6 Science Inquiry, Investigation, and Design Technology -This site has activities designed for K-6 science classes.


Franklin Institute for Learning -These activities also tend to focus on the lower grade levels.


Newton’s Apple - This site has videos and activities, but it is very difficult to search.


Hands on Science - This site has a variety of activities that either are or can be structured in an inquiry format.


Teach-nology Lesson Plans - This site has a variety of science lesson plans that either are or can be structured in an inquiry format.


Bottle Biology - Several different investigations using 2 liter bottles.


Discovery Education -  Lesson plans with and without the use of technology.





Predict, Observe, Explain: Activities Enhancing Scientific Understanding

By: John Haysom and Michael Bowen, NSTA Press Books


Biology Inquiries: Standards-Based Labs, Assessments, and Discussion Lessons

By: Martin Shields, NSTA Press Books


More Brain-Powered Science: Teaching and Learning With Discrepant Events

By: Thomas O'Brien, NSTA Press Book


Schoolyard Science: 101 Easy and Inexpensive Activities, By: Thomas R. Lord and Holly J. Travis, NSTA Press Book


Earth Science Success: 50 Lesson Plans for Grades 6–9, By: Catherine Oates-Bockenstedt and Michael Oates, NSTA Press Book




Full Option Science System.  Specific modules for middle school.


Great Explorations in Math and Science.   Individual books available.


STC Program - An inquiry-based science curriculum for grades K-8 that covers life, earth, and physical sciences with technology


Its About Time - Inquiry-based, and integrated curricula were funded by the National Science Foundation.


Science Education for Public Understanding - Issue-oriented science curriculum for use in 6-12 education.



Science News for Kids

DOGO News - Includes photos, diagrams, and videos with the articles

Science News - On an adult level, but still really good info.

Science Made Simple

Numerous Current Events Sites online

Writing Strategies/Tools

Incredible Resource for Inquiry-Based "Writing in Science" (Scroll to the bottom and look at the Appendix)

Ideas for Integrating Writing Into the Science Curriculum

10 Useful Lessons for Integrating Writing into the Science Classroom

Reading Strategies

Reading Strategies: Scaffolding Students Interactions with Text

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