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NTI Day 2 NTI Day 2

Non-Traditional Instructional Days 
NTI DAY 2 Assignments and Information

Please note the following information related to NTI at BMCMS:

  • Prior to the first NTI day, BMCMS teachers shared plans for assignments and work completion with students. 

  • On NTI days, teachers will be available between the hours of 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM via email to assist students. 

  • Email links and additional assignment details can be found by clicking your team.    

  • If you are look for assignments from NTI Day 1, please click here.



Mrs. Campbell, Ms. Burke, Mrs. Clark and Mr. Hensley


Mr. Chandler, Mrs. Moren, Mr. Felty and Mr. Harrison

Mrs. Arnold, Ms. Combs, Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Griggs


Mrs. Warren, Mrs. Hicks, Mrs. Green and Mrs. Daniel


Ms. Alexander, Mrs. Lakes, Mr. Clark and Mrs. Cornett


Ms. Jones, Mrs. Sanders, Ms. Pittman and Mrs. Dargavell
Special Area TeachersSpecial Area Teachers

Mr. Bailey, Ms. Chaffins, Mrs. Goff, Mrs. Harrison, Mrs. Hazelwood, Mrs. Jordan, Mr. Lucas, Mrs. May, Mrs. Neeley, 
Ms. Reed, Mrs. Smith and Mr. Walker

Tools Which May Assist Your Learning on NTI Days:

GOOGLE CLASSROOM - Assignment made on Google Classroom can be accessed through this link. You may wish to click the link above for more specific details. 

COMPASS LEARNING ODYSSEY - In addition to the assignments given by specific teachers, all students have access to the Compass Learning. Students have login information as it is used regularly in their math classrooms.

READING PLUS - Many students work regularly with the Reading Plus program. For those students with Reading Plus accounts, they may choose to work at home on important reading skills. Additional details for logging in at home can be found by clicking on the Read 180 link above. 

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