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Victors NTI Day 2 Victors NTI 2
The following assignments were given to 7th grade Victors students.

  • Mrs. Hicks-Language Arts - susan.hicks@madison.kyschools.us

    Students have an NTI folder with 5 reading comprehension packets. The packets are numbered. The students reviewed the packets in class and created an answer sheet on notebook paper for each packet. Students can earn 5 points for returning the packet clean and without any writing on it. For each NTI day students are to complete one packet on notebook paper. The papers will be graded and discussed in class 7 calendar days after theNTI day. This will also be an IC grade. Thank you for your support in continuing education in inclement weather.

  • Mrs. Green-Social Studies - Keely.Green@madison.kyschools.us

    Students were given 4 packets for Social Studies-for NTI days #1-#4. Each day is clearly marked.

  • Mrs. Warren-Science - megan.warren@madison.kyschools.us
    Go to Google Classroom and complete the ck-12 assignment. Students received paper copy if they don't have internet.

  • Ms. Daniel -Math - chase.daniel@madison.kyschools.us
    Students should complete work on IXL that is posted to Google classroom and they received in class. If they don't have internet, they should complete the paper packet of NTI work for that day that they received in class. 

  • Mrs. Smith - 7th Grade Language Arts

Complete one hour of iReady lessons. If no computer access, Read book or article for one hour- then write a summary of what you read.

You may contact Mrs. Smith on NTI days at the following email address: Donya.Smith@madison.kyschools.us 

B. Michael Caudill Middle School
Madison County Schools
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Richmond, KY 40475