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This is a club for students who are interested in achieving "above and beyond" the normal classroom expectations.  All you have to do is learn about the topic of your choice, and then turn the answers in to Ms. Grider.  You can become a 1 point member, all the way up to an 84 point member!  Learning never ends, so have fun!

Students will work on this at home. You will choose a topic (social studies, science, language arts, math, or miscellaneous) and then decide on which area you want to investigate.  Some of the topics are very simple to do and others will take more time.  You will write your answers in the Mastery Club Notebook, which you'll turn in when you have reached the next point level.  There are 84 possible points you can receive.

10 points = M
20 points = A
30 points = S
40 points = T
50 points = E
60 points = R
70 points = Y
84 points = CLUB!!!
Start today and have fun!




Here's a Web Site to Assist You in Your Research.......
Name the 7 continents.
2.  Name 15 world countries.
3. Name 15 major world cities. Capital Cities of the World
Name 15 types of dwellings.
5. Name 10 South American and Central American countries.
6. Name 10 countries bordering the Pacific Ocean.
7. Name 10 countries in Europe.
8. Name 15 historical sites in Rocklin.
9. Name 10 major bodies of water. Oceans and Seas
10. Name 10 major world rivers.
11. Name 10 large deserts of the world.
12. Name 10 large lakes in the North America.
13. Name 10 major mountains or mountain ranges.
14. Name the 50 states. 50 States Quiz
15. Write the names of the 50 states on a map. Explore the States
16. Name the state capitals.
17. Name the 13 Colonies.  
18. Name 10 Native American tribes in California. Tribal Map
19 Name 10 California landmarks. California Landmarks
20. Name 10 California counties. California Counties
21. Name the state symbols of California. California State Symbols
22. Name 8 California explorers. Zoom Explorers
23. Name 10 California Missions.
24. Name the 1st - 10th presidents in order.
25. Name the last 10 Governors of California .
26. Name 5 American heroes and briefly summarize why they are famous.
27. Name the symbols of the United States.
U.S. Symbols
SCIENCE Here's a Web Site to Assist You in Your Research.......
Name 15 kinds of fish.
29.  Name 15 marine creatures.
30. Name 15 mammals.
31. Name 15 vertebrate animals.
32. Name 15 desert animals or wildlife.
33. Name 10 amphibians.  
34. Name 10 reptiles.
35. Name 10 dinosaurs.
36. Name 10 types of birds.
37. Name 10 rain forest birds or mammals.   
38. Name 10 deciduous trees.
39. Name 10 rocks or minerals.  
Name 10 chemicals and their chemical symbols.
41. Name 10 constellations.
42. Name 10 organs in the human body.
43. Name 8 types of clouds.
44. Name 5 inventors and their inventions.
45. Name 5 human body systems
46. Name the stages of the water cycle.
47. Name the order of the colors in the rainbow.
48. Label the major bones of the skeleton.
49 Name 5 famous astronauts.
Here's a Web Site to Assist You in Your Research.......
50. Name 20 verbs.
51 Name 20 adjectives.
52. Name 20 adverbs.
53. Name 15 prepositions.
54. Name 10 common nouns & 10 proper nouns.
55. Name 10 famous authors.
56. Give 2 examples each of alliteration, simile, metaphor, and onomatopoeia.
57. Count to 20 in Spanish.
58. Name 10 popular fairy tales.
59. Use sign language and "sign" the alphabet.
60. List 20 commonly misspelled words.
Here's a Web Site to Assist You in Your Research.......
61. Draw the lines of symmetry for the capital alphabet. Symmetry of Capital Letters
62. Compute area of squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles. - Area Formulas
63. Name the perfect square numbers up to 225.  Learn Your Square Numbers
64. Write in Roman numerals up to 100.

Take a Roman Numerals Interactive Quiz

65. Name 5 famous mathematicians.  
66. Earn 100% on the area & perimeter of rectangles quiz.

Area & perimeter - under "Free Activities", click "Area" to watch a cool slide show

67. Earn 100% on the square roots test.
68. Earn 100% in 5 minutes on the addition basic facts test. 
69. Earn 100% in 5 minutes on the subtraction basic facts test.
70. Earn 100% in 5 minutes on the multiplication basic facts test.
71. Earn 100% in 5 minutes on the division basic facts test. Math Magician

Here's a Web Site to Assist You in Your Research.......
72. Name one career for each letter of the alphabet.  
73. Name the birthstones for each month. Birthstones
74. Name 10 famous artists.
75. Name 10 Broadway plays.
76. Name 15 breeds of dogs. Dog breeds from A.K.C.
77. Name 12 winter or summer Olympic events.
78 List 10 ways kids can help Save the Earth. Save the Earth
79. Name 10 instruments in a marching band. Instrument Encyclopedia
80. Name 10 instruments in a symphony orchestra. Sounds from the Orchestra - neat site!
81. Name 10 football teams and their cities. National Football
82. Name 10 Caldecott Award Winning books. Award Winners
83. List the 10 most popular girls' and boys' names in the year you were born. Baby Names
84. Name 10 National Parks. National Parks
Mastery Club was created by  Heather Renz  in Redmond, Oregon.
Permission was granted for use of Mastery Club in our classroom.          

Ms. Grider's Class
Rock Creek Elementary School
2140 Collet Quarry Drive
Rocklin, CA 95765
(916) 788-4282 x319