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Spanish I Expectations


Spanish 1 Course Expectations

Profesora: Señora Piza

Room: 326


Spanish I Course Description:

This one-year course will provide a general introduction to the language and culture of the Spanish-speaking world.  The course will focus on the acquisition of basic vocabulary, language structure and grammatical skills that will enable the student to function effectively within realistic settings.  Listening comprehension, understanding of Hispanic cultures, communication and speaking are emphasized.  This course will fulfill one of the elective credits required for graduation.



You are expected to have the following materials EVERY DAY:

-Textbook, Realidades I

            The textbook will stay in class.

-Internet access: is a requirement for certain assignments. At least two nights will be given to complete online activities therefore students may not be excused from completing these assignments. If you do not have access from home, the library is available from 7:30am-3:30pm (times may vary).

-Workbook packets: one will be given to each student per chapter and will compliment the textbook.

If lost, students are responsible for making their own replacement copy.

-Cougar Planner

-Pencil/black or blue pen

-Red pen

-Spanish 3-ring binder with pockets, must include 3 properly labeled dividers:

(1) Vocabulary & Grammar

(2) Classwork & Homework

(3) Quizzes & Tests / Projects

-Extra binder paper

-Index cards or plain white paper to make vocabulary flash cards for each chapter


Spanish I Course Objectives:

-To participate in simple conversations in Spanish, to use correct pronunciation, to

  share feelings, emotions, opinions, and information.

-To comprehend simple oral and written communication on a variety of topics.

-To present information, concepts and ideas to an audience in Spanish.

-To explore the relationships among the practices, products, and perspectives of

  the diverse Hispanic cultures.

-To connect knowledge of Spanish with other disciplines.

-To recognize the distinctive viewpoints of other cultures.

-To compare the nature of the Spanish language to English.

-To contrast Hispanic cultures with individual ethnic background.

-To employ the Spanish language both within and beyond the school setting.

-To develop an interest in continuing the study of the Spanish language for

  personal enrichment.


Spanish I Course Outline:

This course is divided into units.  The concentration is vocabulary in context and knowledge of basic structures.  Each unit will also build upon previous unit material.


 Evaluation and Grading System:

Students will be assessed several ways, including: both oral and written tests/quizzes, homework, skits, projects, presentations, prácticas, in-class activities and participation.  The final grade will be based on:

20% Classwork/Homework

25% Quizzes

35% Tests/Projects

20% Speaking / Daily Activities



Class work includes anything done in class that has been collected for a grade.  NO LATE WORK IS ACCEPTED FOR CLASS WORK CREDIT.  If a student has an excused absence they will have three days for everyday missed to turn in make-up work.  Please take a look at my website or ParentLink to see what assignments are missing.  The basket on the back table contains extra copies, notes, and any other handouts students may need. Students are responsible for looking at the website and turning in appropriate work into the marked basket on front cart. Please do not ask me what you missed until you have looked on my website. 



Homework is an extremely important aspect of learning a foreign language and will be given as a review or continuous practice of what has been discussed in class.  Students will receive homework 3-4 times a week, which will be checked for completion on a regular basis and sometimes collected for accuracy. Homework is often reviewed in class. Not all homework assignments will be taken for a grade, though it is expected that students complete all assignments. Homework may be collected at the door before being allowed to enter class. Homework will only be accepted if it is complete and turned in on the day it is due at the beginning of the period. LATE WORK WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Students who have questions regarding homework are to see me after school or before school. Anyone caught copying homework or allowing another student to copy work will receive a zero and/or a phone call home. My advice to you is to never let your work leave your desk. Types of homework given will include reading to an adult and requiring a signature of confirmation (please let me know if this will be a problem for you), conjuguemos/ phschool (online assignments which requires access to the internet), worksheets, workbook activities and projects. *At least two nights will be given to complete online activities. Students may not be excused from completing this assignment. Internet access is available in the library.



Quizzes are given on a weekly/bi-weekly basis and exams will be given approximately every 2-3 weeks.  Each exam will contain a speaking, reading, writing, listening and culture section.  In addition, there will be homework check quizzes, which will ensure that students are properly correcting their homework when we go over it in class.  Last, the teacher reserves the right to give unannounced quizzes over any material covered in class or assigned as homework.  This will be done in order to assess what students have actually retained.



At least one individual or group project will be given each quarter.  Neatness, organization, spelling and grammar will all be considered in the evaluation of student work.

-A MAXIMUM of 25% of the total possible points may be deducted on projects or major assignments turned in one day late (excused or unexcused).

-A MAXIMUM of 50% of the total possible points may be deducted on projects -or major assignments turned in two days late.

-A MAXIMUM of 75% of the total possible points may be deducted on projects or major assignments turned in three days late (excused or unexcused).




Speaking / Daily Activities:

Speaking and active participation in daily activities are vital in the learning of a new language. 

Speaking activities include repeating, reading aloud, answering questions and speaking in the target language. 

Daily Activities include the "Hagan Ahora" (Do Now) or "Warm Up" activity, taking notes, and staying on task to complete class activities based on listening, speaking, reading and writing.  Active participation in the daily activities also requires students to follow classroom rules and procedures.

Students may lose points and not earn back them back once they have lost them.

Excused and/or unexcused absences may also reduce your Speaking / Daily Activities grade.

A Speaking / Daily Activities grade will be entered into the gradebook every week.

Classroom Rules:

-Preparation – Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn! 

-Respect – Have respect for yourself, for other students’ right to learn, for my right to teach, and for property belonging to others. No bullying.

-Responsibility – Be responsible for your own actions and choices!

-No cell phones, ipods or electronic devices.

-No food, drinks or gum in classroom.
-No sleeping, disturbing others, working on work from another class, sitting in an unassigned seat, cheating, inappropriate comments, packing up early and speaking English when advised not to. 

Classroom Procedures:

1.Quietly enter classroom.

2.When bell rings, students are expected to complete the Do Now (Hagan Ahora) activity in a given amount of time. 

3.If absent, students have 3 days to complete any missed assignments for full credit, but he/she MUST write “Absent” and the "Absent Date" next to the missed assignments/notes.

5.Follow instructions and raise hand to be called on.

6.Cell phones, ipods and other prohibited items are not to be brought to class.  If I see them, they will be confiscated and turned into the Dean’s Office.

7. The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.

    8. All work to be turned in or checked must be legible and include the student’s name, date,                 class period and assignment.


Make-Up Work:

If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to make-up assignments, quizzes, or tests within three days per CCSD policy.  There is a calendar on my website with information about what the class has done each day.  Students are responsible for looking at my class website and turning in appropriate assignments, as well as keeping their notebooks/binders up to date.  If a student needs a handout for the day he/she was absent, there will be extra copies in the bins in the classroom. *Students must write “Absent” on all Absent work or it will be counted as Late Work and therefore not accepted! 


Extra Credit: 

The Foreign Language Department does not offer extra credit assignments.  However, at the beginning of each quarter, students will receive two “late homework” passes. If an assignment is graded on completion the student can turn in the homework pass in lieu of the assignment. Yet, if the assignment is graded on accuracy the student is allowed to staple the late homework pass to the assignment and turn it in late (up to three days) without penalty.  Those students who do not use their late homework passes will be able to turn them in at the end of the quarter for 5 extra credit points each in the homework category.   Keep in mind that the safekeeping of the late homework passes is solely the student’s responsibility.  No extra credit points will be awarded if the homework pass is lost.

*Students that participate in the Foreign Language Fair may receive extra credit at teacher discretion.


 GRADING SCALE                                     

90-100                         A

80-89                             B

70-79                             C

60-69                             D

0-59                                 F


*Semester grades are based on 1st quarter = 40%, 2nd quarter = 40% and semester exam = 20%

*Students’ grades will be posted online on a weekly basis and my door is always open if there are any concerns.

*PLEASE REMEMBER: I am here because I want you to succeed, so never hesitate to come see me for help.



Attendance and promptness are essential to the success in the study of a foreign language.  Therefore, Coronado’s tardy and attendance policy WILL be enforced.  Any student with more than 10 unapproved absences will lose academic credit for the semester.  All students must be in class on time and a student who is more than 30 minutes late will be counted absent.  If a student is tardy, the tardy lockout policy will apply and it will be his/her responsibility to make up the daily “Do Now” on their OWN time.

Student citizenship grades are reported as follows

O = Outstanding

S  = Satisfactory citizenship

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory citizenship

Honor Code:

There is a clear expectation that all students will perform academic tasks with honor and integrity, with the support of parents, staff, faculty, administration, and the community.  The learning process requires students to thinks, process, organize and create their own ideas. Throughout this process, students gain knowledge, self-respect, and ownership in the work that they do. These qualities provide a solid foundation for life skills, impacting people positively throughout their lives. Cheating and plagiarism violate the fundamental learning process or compromise personal integrity and one’s honor. Students demonstrate academic honesty and integrity by not cheating, plagiarizing or using information unethically in any way. Examples of this specialized for this course includes, but are not limited to: looking at someone else’s paper during any form of assessment, using an online translator on written assignments, copying another classmate’s assignment. 

Students need to make sure they are in compliance with the Coronado High School Honor Code. Any student caught cheating on any assignment or using a translator will receive a "0" for that assignment and a phone call home. Students should not be using technological applications/devices to look up sentences, but only single words. Furthermore, please do not allow native speakers to complete work for you, as this goes against the honor code as well. Every writing assignment turned in must be 100% authentically your work! Please see the Coronado High School Honor Code for further info.

*Do not hesitate to speak to me about matters related to this topic.  Honor Code


**My goal is to provide a safe environment for all students to learn more about the Spanish language/culture and feel comfortable asking questions.  I will not tolerate putdowns, criticism, teasing, bullying, or any of the like.


Progressive Discipline Plan:

1.      Verbal Warning

2.      Loss of Daily Activities Points &/or Participation Points

3.      After School Detention

4.      Phone Call Home

5.      Dean Referral

*Counselor referral-optional additional step     **Serious incidents may skip step


Help Hours:

I am available for help after school or in the morning by appointment.

Student grades are posted online and updated weekly.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

My number: 799-6800 x3326

My email:

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