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Spanish IIH Expectations

Course Expectations

BIENVENIDOS a la clase de Español II Honors

Sra. Pizá


voice mail:  799-6800


Extra help:  Monday, Tuesday and Thursdays before/after school and by appointment


Course:  Spanish II Honors(2016-17)

Prerequisite:  Spanish I or Teacher Recommendation

Textbook:  “Realidades”  Textbook (Classroom Set)

Materials:You are expected to have the following materials EVERY DAY:

-Internet access: is a requirement for certain assignments. At least two nights will be given to complete online activities therefore students may not be excused from completing these assignments. If you do not have access from home, the library is available from 7:30am-3:30pm (times may vary).

-Handouts / Workbook packets: one will be given to each student per chapter and will compliment the textbook. If lost, students are responsible for making their own replacement copy.

-Cougar Planner

-Pencils/black or blue pens

-Red pens

-Spanish 3-ring Binder with pockets, must include 3 properly labeled dividers:

(1) Vocabulary & Grammar

(2) Classwork & Homework

(3) Quizzes & Tests/ Projects

-Extra Binder paper

-Index cards or plain white paper to make vocabulary flash cards for each chapter

Course Scope:  This one-year course is designed for students who have successfully completed Spanish I or who demonstrate a proficiency level of novice-high as identified in the foreign language proficiency guidelines established by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). Students continue to refine proficiency in the target language with the end-of-course goal of demonstrating proficiency at the intermediate-low level. This course is designated as honors level by the accelerated instructional pacing and depth of content. The focus is communication in the target language incorporating understanding of the target cultures, connecting with other disciplines, comparing native language to the target language, and participating in multicultural communities. The course provides practice in correct use of basic vocabulary and language structures to enable students to function effectively within realistic settings. ACTFL recommends that at least 90% of the instructional time in class be conducted in the target language. Instructional practices incorporate integration of diversity awareness including appreciation of all cultures and their important contributions to our society. The appropriate use of technology is an integral part of this course. This course fulfills one of the elective credits required for high school graduation.

Course Goals

             1. To engage in conversations, provide and obtain information, express feelings and emotions, and exchange opinions. [NS: 1]

             2. To understand and interpret written language on a variety of topics. [NS: 2]

             3. To understand and interpret spoken language on a variety of topics. [NS: 2]

             4. To present information, concepts, and ideas in the target language orally. [NS: 3]

             5. To present information, concepts, and ideas in the target language in writing. [NS: 3]

             6. To understand the relationship between the products and perspectives of the culture(s) studied. [NS: 5]

             7. To understand the relationship between the practices and perspectives of the culture(s) studied. [NS: 4]

             8. To reinforce and further students’ knowledge of other disciplines through the target language. [NS: 6]

             9. To acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through materials in the target language. [NS: 7]

           10. To understand the nature of language through comparisons of the target language with English and/or the students’ first language. [NS: 8]

           11. To understand cultural similarities and differences. [NS: 9]

           12. To use the target language in and outside of school. [NS: 10]

           13. To develop an interest in continuing the study of the target language for personalenjoyment and enrichment. [NS: 11]

Course Outline:

This course is divided by units. The focus is vocabulary in context and knowledge of basic structures. Each quarter will be targeting several different units and focuses of vocabulary. Each unit will also build upon previous unit material. Each unit takes on average 3-4 weeks to complete.

Quarterly Projects: Minimum 1 per chapter


Tests/Projects (40%) /Quizzes (20%):  Students will be assessed in a variety of ways such as tests, quizzes and projects, both oral and written,  Quizzes, both announced and unannounced are given on a weekly basis and tests are given approximately every three-four weeks.  Points are assigned to each assignment based on the material and time spent.  When projects are given, they will either receive a quiz or test weight depending on the size of the project, work necessary to complete the project and the quality of the project.  For every day a project is late, 25% of the final grade will be deducted.  After the 4th day, projects will no longer be accepted and a grade of “0” will be given.   If you are absent on the day a project is due, your project will be due on the day you return to classAbsences must be excused in order to receive full credit. 

Homework / Class work Based Activities (20%):    Class work and homework are a vital component of your foreign language instruction.  Class work will include a variety of written and oral work and will be both group and individual.  Some of this work will be collected, others will not.  Points will be given not only for correct answers but also on a students’ effort or attempt.  Spelling is an important aspect of language learning and will be graded accordingly. 

Homework is a crucial aspect of foreign language learning.   Homework is provided as an opportunity for students to practice concepts learned in class.  Students will receive homework 3-4 times a week and it will be checked or collected regularly.   Students will receive a grade of 0, ½ or full credit depending on completeness of the assignment.  Homework “quizzes” may be given to check for comprehension.  Students will receive a schedule with their homework and it will also be posted on my website.  Be sure to check for any changes.  Classwork that is collected and graded will not be accepted late.  Homework will only be accepted for full credit on the day it is due.  Late homework will be accepted at teacher discretion for ½ credit.   If you are absent, you have 3 days to complete the assignments for full credit or it becomes a “O”.  Check the baskets for any worksheets you may have missed.  If you miss a test/quiz, you will be expected to schedule a make-up before the deadline given.  Special circumstances will be dealt with on an individual basis. 

Speaking (20%):  Students are expected to speak in the target language on a daily basis.   You  will receive “puntos” for volunteering homework answers, reading aloud,  participating in the warm-up, etc… I will keep track of you points and you will be given a speaking grade every other week based.   You may ask after class to see how many points you have earned.

Extra Credit:  The Foreign Language Department does not offer extra credit assignments.  However, at the beginning of each quarter, students will receive two homework passes. If an assignment is graded on completion the student can turn in the homework pass in lieu of the assignment. Yet, if the assignment is graded on accuracy the student is allowed to staple the homework pass to the assignment and turn it in late (up to three days) without penalty.  Those students who do not use their homework passes will be able to turn them in at the end of the quarter for 5 extra credit points each in the homework category.   Keep in mind that the safekeeping of the homework passes are solely the student’s responsibility.  No extra credit points will be awarded if the homework pass is lost.

*Students that participate in the foreign language fair may receive extra credit at teacher discretion.

CCSD A-F Grading Scale                      Category Weights       

90-100  A                                             Tests/Projects (Written/Oral)             40%

80-89   B                                             Quizzes(Written/Oral)                          20%

70-79    C                                             Homework/Classwork Based Activities  20%

60-69    D                                             Speaking                                               20%    

0-59       F                                           

*Student grades are posted on-line and updated weekly.

**  Midterm and Final Exams are worth 20% of your semester grade.

State Honor Code:

There is a clear expectation that all students will perform academic tasks with honor and integrity, with the support of parents, staff, faculty, administration, and the community. The learning process requires students to thinks, process, organize and create their own ideas. Throughout this process, students gain knowledge, self-respect, and ownership in the work that they do. These qualities provide a solid foundation for life skills, impacting people positively throughout their lives. Cheating and plagiarism violate the fundamental learning process or compromise personal integrity and one’s honor. Students demonstrate academic honesty and integrity by not cheating, plagiarizing or using information unethically in any way.  Examples of this specialized for this course includes, but are not limited to: looking at someone else’s paper during any form of assessment, using an online translator on written assignments, copying another classmate’s assignment.

Cheating: Students caught cheating or assisting another student cheat will automatically receive a ZERO for the assignment, quiz, test, etc. A referral will be sent to the dean if it is an ongoing issue.


Regular attendance is essential to the success in the study of a foreign language. Comprehensible input must be heard on a regular basis in order to gain oral language skills. The Coronado High School Attendance Policy will be enforced and any student with more than 10 unapproved absences will lose academic credit for the semester.


All students should be in class on time. A student who is more than 30 minutes late will be counted absent. School policy regarding the consequences for each tardy will be followed. Students who are tardy will not be allowed to make up work missed at the beginning of class unless the tardy is excused.

Progressive Discipline Plan:

With the exception of egregious and blatant disregard for school rules or student safety, this progressive discipline plan will be used in order to cooperate with the student to resolve issues that may be affecting student learning.

1st offense:  Warning to the student

2nd offense: Conference with the student

3rd offense: Parent/Guardian Contact

4th offense: Detention

5th offense: Dean Referral

*Counselor referral-optional additional step     **Serious incidents may skip step

Classroom Rules:

-Preparation – Come to class on time, prepared and ready to learn! 

-Respect – Have respect for yourself, for other students’ right to learn, for my right to teach, and for property belonging to others.

-Responsibility – Be responsible for your own actions and choices!

-No cell phones, i pods or other electronic devices.

-No food, drinks or gum in classroom.
-No sleeping, disturbing others, working on work from another class, sitting in an unassigned seat, cheating, in class, inappropriate comments, packing up early and speaking English when advised not to.  

Classroom Procedures:

1.Quietly enter classroom.

2.When bell rings, students are expected to complete the Do Now (Hagan Ahora) activity in a given amount of time. 

3.If absent, students have 3 days to complete any missed assignments for full credit, but he/she MUST write “Absent” and the "Absent Date" next to the missed assignments/notes.

5.Follow instructions and raise hand to be called on.

6.Cell phones, ipods, ear buds/ear phones and other prohibited items are not to be brought to class.  If I see them, they will be confiscated and turned into the Dean’s Office.

7. The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.

8. All work to be turned in or checked must be legible and include the student’s name, date, class period and assignment.

Citizenship Policy: 






Needs Improvement





Consistently involved in class activities; contributes to overall learning process; collaborates with others and/or the teacher.

Engages in class activities, but may have to be encouraged; works with others or groups, but may not initiate collaboration.

Does not engage in class activities; rarely demonstrates initiative and may occasionally disengage from class.

Consistently uninvolved in class activities.  Adamant refusal to work. 


Consistently prepared with materials; work is on time and may go beyond expectations.

Student has materials and submits work in a timely fashion and as expected.

Student may have had multiple instances of being unprepared, late work, or not completed as requested.

Consistently unprepared for class.  Does not submit work on time or at all. 


Consistently respectful of both classmates and adults; Takes responsibility for individual actions; Consistently complies with school and classroom expectations.

Respectful to both peers and adults.  Occasionally accepts personal responsibility.  Mostly complies with school and classroom expectations.

Disruptive to others.  Argumentative and defensive. Disregard for school district or class expectations.

Consistent disrespect to classmates or adults.  Regularly disruptive to learning process and violation of school or class expectations.  Plagiarism.

***Students that are caught cheating will automatically receive an “S” or lower.

Student citizenship grades are reported as follows

O = Outstanding

S  = Satisfactory citizenship

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory citizenship

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