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Welcome to the Red Mill Art Room
Welcome to the Red Mill Art Room
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Welcome to the Red Mill Art Room Art Room-Mrs. McNett and Mrs. Letourneau

Welcome to the Red Mill Art Room

   We are very excited to share with you some of the creativity and talent we have here at Red Mill.  This year we will continue to look at a variety of artists' works representing various cultures and a range of media.  Students will view, discuss, and produce a variety of art works.  Some units will also reflect areas of study related to what the students are learning in the classroom.  Look for some of our projects on the left.

About ART!

     Each class K-5 has an art period one day a week for 40 minutes.  Every student must have their own smock with their name printed on it.  We try to use art materials that do not stain, but sometimes it cannot be avoided.


     The EGCSD Art Department has a grading system for art classes at the elementary level.   3rd, 4th and 5th graders will receive a grade of Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory based on their effort and conduct in art class on their report card.  No grading for K-2.


     Much of what you consider "junk" at home can be treasures in the art room.  Artists' frequently use found objects at any time.  These items can be sent in on your childs art day.  Please be sure that these items are clean and safe.  We can always use: margarine, yogurt, or pudding containers, cardboard tubes, small wood scraps,  ribbon, left over craft items or supplies, children's magazines, and any other items of interest.  (NO glass please.)

Calling All Artists!

     Do you or know someone in our community who has a special art talent or skill that they would like to share with us at Red Mill?  Come spend an hour or two sharing your artwork and process with our students.  Please let us know.

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