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Parent Volunteer Do's and Don'ts Parent Volunteer Do's and Don'ts

Parent Volunteer DO's and DON'Ts...

We LOVE our parent volunteers in the Hippo Class!  Here are a few suggestions for being the best volunteer you can be...



  • Sign in at the Front Office before coming to our classroom.


  • Check the volunteer clipboard for items to prep, and to see which center you will be working at that day.


  • Make sure kids are on task at the center you are working at.  Help them follow through with the "job" assigned.  Check to see if their work is "quality work."


  • Use a whisper voice when the students are asked to.


  • Get a teacher's help if a student is being uncooperative or disrespectful.


  • Help clean up at the end of centers.



  • Feel concerned if you don't get everything done on your list!  There will be a parent coming in the next day to complete the list.


  • Ask a child to move their "pocket."  Enlist the support of a teacher if a child is being inappropriate.


  • Discuss the academic or behavioral abilities of children (other than your own) with other parents.  Please use discretion.


  • Sit on the rainbow rug with your child.


  • Ride the bikes or play on the outside play structure with your child.

Rock Creek Elementary
Rocklin Unified School District