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   We are now a month into school, and marching forward through the standards, learning new concepts, skills and strategies for solving problems every day.  Along the way, lessons in math class have been designed with more attention being given to the Common Core Mathematical Practices .  Attending to PrecisionMaking Sense of Problems and Persevering in Solving Them, Modeling with Mathematics and Constructing a Viable Argument are four Mathematical Practices  that have been stressed in our math program during the first month of school.  

   Seventh grade students have spent the past few weeks learning about probability.  Students have collaborated in teams exploring theoretical and experimental probability, using the results to make predictions and justifying their responses using evidence from their work.  Along the way, we have reviewed fraction operations, number patterns and reviewed how to recognize and solve proportional relationships.  The next chapter of Seventh grade math will cover integer and rational number operations in more depth. 

   Eighth graders have been reviewing concepts from sixth and seventh grade, and are now beginning to dig deeper into algebra standards.  During the first month, we focused on interpreting and understanding graphs, focusing on how a constant rate of change affects graphs.  Students also analyzed the graphs of proportional relationships and used them to solve problems.  More recently, instruction has focused on simplifying algebraic expressions. Students are learning how to model these expressions using algebra tiles, which allows them to see how expressions are simplified by creating “zero pairs.”   Over the next month, students will be utilizing the concepts learned from the use of algebra tiles to solve problems and equations.

   If you have any questions about my grading policy, homework expectations or any other aspect of 7/8 Math, please do not hesitate to call (652-2635 x119) or send an email.  If meetings are more favorable to you, I can generally meet after school on any day but Mondays (schedule permitting) to talk about the math program.


Tim Ahrens, 7/8 Math                                            

652-2635 (x119)            

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