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nothing surpasses adult supervision for the final say on what is appropriate for your child.


Ask Jeeves for Kids!
Search Engine
Homework Helper
All Subjects
Search Engine for Kids
KidsClick! Web Search How-To-Study  

MapQuest: World Atlas

Look Learn and Do Games
Read History   Projects
Internet Public Library
Youth Area
World Almanac for Kids
Maps Driving Directions
GlobeXplorer Aerial View Maps
World Time and Time Zones Map How Products Are Made My Spanish Picture Dictionary
How Stuff is Made Pixar TheaterWatch Clips
Learn How it's Done
Ancient Egypt Pyramids  Pharoahs  Queens & More
Destination Modern Art
Museum of Modern Art

Interactive Archeology Dig Rome

The GuideZone Songbook!
Silly Songs and Girl Scout Songs
Building Big Bridges  Dams  Skyscrapers  Tunnels
American Museum of
Architecture Design Images
Great Buildings
Looney Tunes
Teach the Internet
Grammar Gorillas
Parts of Speech  Gr. 2 - 5
Leonardo's Workshop
Historic Tale Construction Kit
Create a Story Text & Pictures
Egypt - Pyramids
Facts, Photos, Diagrams
Ancient Egypt Webquest
Great Wall of China Flags of all Countries Strong Museum
History & Toys
Iditarod Race Official Website
Alaska Dogsled Race
Live Aviation Radio
Listen to Airport Towers
School House Rock
Eiffel Tower France  Leaning Tower of Pisa  Italy Corning Museum of Glass
Jeff Fetty's Artist
Blacksmith Forge

Page by Page  How
Children's Books Are Made

X-Rays For Kids
Historical American Currency Vikings Hebrew Picture Dictionary
National Geographic for Kids
Wichamstow Village
Visit a Medieval Village
Explore A Castle

Great Engineering Feats
Stamp Collecting- Just for Kids
The Symphony
An Interactive Guide
New York Philharmonic
World Music Listen
The Jewish Children's
Learning Network
National Gallery of Art
Kids Page  View Art
Rock On
The Balancing Art of Bill Dan
Hot Air Ballooning
A Kid's Guide to Dog Care
Amelia Earhart
Arthur . Print . Sign Design
Learn to Hand Sign Your Name
Arthur: You've Got Braille
The Inside Scoop on Farms
Explore Your Knowledge Math or Science Quiz  Gr. 4 or 8
The Fruit Pages
Great Information
The Story of Milk
Virtual Tour
The Professional Wrestling Museum
Kids Dig Reed
Archeological Dig
Charlie's Sneaker Pages
Explorers Fact Monster Explorers Many Links Explorers -  Enchanted Learning
Palindrome Wikipedia
Words  Numbers  More
"How jumping beans work" San Francisco Airport
Live Flight Communication
John Muir Exhibit TIME 100 Most Important People of the Century Henry Ford


50 States and Capitals
Excellent Info and Links
Fact Monster - U.S.
Excellent   Many Areas
 Ben's Guide to U.S. Government
Organized by Grade Levels 
Reference Resources
United States
The Nifty Fifty States
Excellent Info and Links
FirstGov for Kids
Lots to Learn and Do
Presidential Biographies Presidents Information  Explore the Constitution
National Constitution Center
State Coloring Pages Printable USA Jigsaw Puzzle Place The State Challenge
Atlas - Xpeditions
Print U.S. State Maps
Kidspace: Stately Knowledge
U.S. Facts
Flag of the United States
Branches of Government Coloring Book of Flags
States and U.S. History
 USA Map
USA State Flag/Quiz
Printouts Information 
Test Your Geography
Knowledge  USA States
Printable U.S. Maps
States & More
LIBERTY! Chronicle of the Revolution Timeline
Growth of a Nation
Map Animation
The History Place
U.S. History
Declaration of Independence American Patriots of the Revolutionary War Patrick Henry
Thomas Paine
U. S. Citizenship Test
Library of Congress
Boston Tea Party
 Ellis Island
 American Family Immigration
History Center
National Museum of American History
Statue of Liberty
Facts, News and Information
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Tomb of the Unknowns Arlington National Cemetery
Statue of Liberty Photo Tour
Pentagon Tours
My America
Take an Internet Field Trip
Liberty Bell Virtual Museum
The Underground Railroad
Mount Rushmore
The Whitehouse for Kids
US Patent and Trademark
Crazy Horse Memorial
Gateway Arch  St. Louis

Daniel Boone

Charles Lindbergh
George Washington's
Mount Vernon Virtual Tour
Colonial House . Interactive History . Dress Up
Thomas Jefferson's Home
Follow in the Footsteps
of Lewis & Clark
US Bureau of Engraving and Printing  Paper Money
 The United States Mint
Secrets of Making Money
American Folklore
From the 50 States 
US Department Of Justice
Kids and Youth
Alaska Relative Size
to the Lower 48 States
Cherokees of California
Native Americans
License Plates of the
United States of America
America As It Was A Tour of the USA in Vintage Postcards


JigZone:Jigsaw Puzzles
Switcheroo Zoo
Kids Games
Paw Island's Games
Excellent  Easy - Hard
Party Games Central
Many Games
Klasky Csupo's Cooltoons
Lots to See and Do
Childrens Stomping Ground 
Jokes  Games  and More
Squigly's Interactive Games Animal Planet : Game Central
Zoboomafoo I Do Dog Tricks
You Give the Command
Warner Brothers for Kids
This is Daniel Cook
Many Activities and Games
Pixar Animation Studios
View Movies and Learn
Make Your Own Kaleidoscope
Online Fun
Claymation Station Lite Brite AMUSEMENT PARKS
Jump Rope Rhymes
Chants, & Clapping Games
The Comic Zone
Read Snoopy and more
Make Balloon Animals with
Magical Balloon-dude Dale
Copy Cat Jack! Operation Play the Game Collage Machine Games Music Click on Activities Doodle Pad
Cartoon Network  Imagination at Work!
Draw with Color
"M&M's" Studios
Ask the Eight Ball Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus Wake Up
Work at McDonalds
ACEKids Java Games
Online Jigsaw Puzzles
Rules for Many Games
AT&T Labs Interactive
Text to Speech 
Matchpractice Golf Game
Nabisco Kids
Hershey's Fun Stuff
Mini Putt
Houdini Museum
 Bembo's Zoo Animated Words
Apple Corps FACE Game
The Official Peanuts Website
Muppet World
Nickelodeon Games
Card Tricks Juggling Information Service
This+That = Juggling
Card Trick Magic Tricks!
Learn & Practice
Easy Magic Tricks
Your Name in Japanese

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