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nothing surpasses adult supervision for the final say on what is appropriate for your child.

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   MeMail  Newsletters, Jokes, Horoscopes, Entertainment, News, Business  The most interesting sites on the internet 
Games  GameScene Shockwave Games  |  Coffee Break Arcade  |  PopCap Games  Free Online Games  Excellent   |  Multipopword Interactive Word Game  Many Games  Many Types  | Online Games
 Word Games Challenging  |  Etymologic  Toughest word origin game on the Web
Addicting  Flash and Java Games  |  Matchpractice Golf Game
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   Clever Games for Clever People  Directions for mind games
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  Prognosticate - News Predicting Game Challenging
  Party Games Central For Kids and Adults

Puzzles  Puzzability Puzzles  Many types   |  Puzzles for the Avid Consumer
   JigZone: Online Jigsaw Puzzles  Many pictures   Many types and sizes
Mental  Puzzles  Riddles  Paradoxes  Illusions  |  RouteWord Word Puzzle
AskOxford: Oxford Word Challenge Many Word Games
Substitution Cipher  Solve a Code  |  Click Mazes Interactive Puzzles  Mazes
Mind Bluff Optical Illusions  Puzzles  Subliminal  More  
Humor  Laugh-A-Lot!TheClean Jokes Only Web site |  Good Clean Fun!  Jokes
  TODAY'S CARTOON by Randy Glasbergen  |  |  MSNBC - Daily Comics
  The Flummery Digest  Weird News Stories  |  Pun of the Day 
  Letterman's Top Ten Lists Contest  Monolog  |  Email Humor
  Dave Barry Columns  | Murphy's Laws  All the laws of Murphy in one place
  Humor Many Types  Puzzles   | Archive of Email Forwards
  Good Clean Fun!  Humor Links and WebRings   |  Dumb Warnings
  Aha! Jokes Clean Humor and Funny Pictures! 
What's In A Name?  Interactive scrabble like word game 
Internet Anagram Server Find anagrams for words and names
What Does Your Phone Number Spell?  |  Dumb Laws
Fascinating Left Handed Facts
Unusual  Reverse Speech  Hearing is Believing?  |  Hoax Photo Test
   Urban Legends Reference Pages 
   Unusual Museums of the Internet  | 
The Candy Wrapper Museum
   Wacky Uses  Unusual Uses of Well-known Products
   Tick Tock Toys  Packages  Items  Ads 50's - 70's   | 
Vintage Toy Ads
   The Open Video Project Many Videos   Unusual   Historical
Entertainment Find Local Movies
   The Slip-Up Archive  Movie and TV Bloopers and Mistakes and More
Movie Mistakes Over 49,000 Mistakes  | Old Time Radio Shows
Trivia  Cool Quiz - The Trivia Web site That Keeps You Guessing! - The Totally Trivia Search Engine  |
   TV Acres  TV Program Facts & Trivia  | 
FilmWise Movies 
   Useless Knowledge  Facts  Quotes  Quizzes  History  |  Triviaplaza
'What Ever Happened To' and 'Where Are They Now? Many Categories of People  A Trivia Quiz Show
Birthdays Birthdate Search Engine 
   dMarie Time Capsule History and Information for any date 
   ANYDAY Today-in-History  | 
Year by Year: 1900-2004  Facts and Information
The Easter Egg Archive  Hidden Eggs (pictures, tricks. games) in programs
Autopilot WebSurfing  |  Time Capsule  Information on a date after 1899  
HistoryWired  A few of our favorite things held at the Smithsonian
The History Buff Historical Reference of Press Coverage  16th-20th Century
Songs  Your lyrics search engine 

    Sing Along Midis and Lyrics Kids and Others  |
   The International Lyrics Server  |  KIDiddles  Mojo's Musical Mouseum
   Children's Music and Songs  Many Links
   TV Tunes Online Television and Cartoon Theme Songs  Trivia
   Shanties and Sea Songs  |  Children's and Teaching Songs On this Site
Scouts  Songs for Scouts  | 
Scouting Web Songs  |  Swaps
  Campfire Songs  |  Girl Scouts of Broward County  |  Girls Count  List Of Tips
  Girl Scouts of the USA Boy Scouts of America
  Making Friends and Other Crafts for Kids Swaps Pony Bead Patterns More
  Cadette Girl Scout Troop 704 Minnesota  | 
Girls Go Tech  Girl Scouts
Knots Animated |  Ropers Knot Pages  Many Links

General Interest
How To Clear Instructions on How To Do (Just About) Everything
How To By You A Message Board that Helps People Learn "How To"  Interesting
Stain Removal Guide  |  Interior Paint Calculator
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Angels for Hope Crochet for anyone in need of hope or a smile  Request an Angel
Free Printable Posters 5" X 7" Great
Baby Names, Pet Names, Names from Around the World Meanings  Origin
Pets Pet  Expert Pet Information  | Information  Medical
Merck Veterinary Manual  |  Cat Fancy Magazine  For the Love of Cats
News Total News  |  Miami Herald  |  Washington Post  |  CNN  |  Newsweek
    BBC News  |  The Paperboy  National and International Newspapers Online


The Kitchen Link
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Recipes From the
Back of the Box
Epicurious  World's Greatest
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Fast, Quick and Easy
100,000+ Recipes and Growing
That's My Home  1000's
Seafood Recipes
Low Carb Luxury: Recipes Food Network Appetizer Recipes
Cheap and Easy Recipes
Menu Planning   Shopping Tips
Jacques P├ępin
Fast Food My Way
Mr. Breakfast  Recipes
Barbecue America Meals For You
Food411.Online Food Directory Bread Recipes
Vegetarian Recipes
Soup Recipes
Mr. Microwave  Recipes
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AWAY from home
Food Resource Center

Food & Fun
Cooking With Kids Easy Recipes  Party Recipes and More 
Just Kids Recipes
The Food Timeline
Spicy Foods American

Popcorns   Pretzels

Global Gourmet
My Dutch Oven

The Internet Drug Index
Foods  Health  Diet
Nutrient Data Laboratory
Lab Tests Online
Medical Breakthroughs
News and Health Information
Mayo Clinic  First Aid Guide
Virtual Hospital  A Digital
Library of Health Information
Omni Medical Search Multiple Medical Search Engines Supermarket Guru Smarter Shopping   Healthier Living
AMA Online Doctor Finder
WebMD Health Help Center American Psychological Association Health Information
for Older Adults
Longevity Game   How Your Lifestyle Can Affect You
American Dental Association
Clinical Trials Information
Daily Calorie Use Calculator Yoga Online The Daily Apple
American Heart Association American Cancer Society
Children's Growth Charts: U S

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites Searchable  Public Records Online
USGenWeb Archives
Census  Wills  Deeds
Beginners Genealogy GenealogySpot
Search for ancestors
Free Public Record Search Engine - Pretrieve  People
Businesses  Address  Phone
Search Systems  Largest Free Public Records Database Collection American Family Immigration History Center Ellis Island
Castle Garden 1830 - 1892 Immigrant Information Civil War Soldiers and Sailors Surname Studies Location and Frequency  U.S. 1850 - 1990

Find Them Where You Live
Welcome to ThirdAge!
Magazine for people over 40
Social Security Online
Your Benefits Connection
Possible Free Medications
National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association The U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA)  News   Resources
News and Information
Write a Senior Citizen

FabricLink  Learn About Fabrics, Apparel, and Clothing Care
Consumers Consumer World  1700 Links  |  The Dollar Stretcher  Money & Time Saving Tips Products for a Better Planet
   Consumer Reports  Ratings, Buying Guides & Product Reviews  Comparison Shopping  |  Strong Numbers Price Guide for Many Products
   Consumer Sentinel Data on Frauds and ID Theft   File a Complaint
   FirstGov for Consumers: Technology  | Government Recalls
   U.S. Consumer Information Center  Pamphlets/Booklets Online
   Consumer Jungle Consumer Literacy for Young Adults  |  The Original Tipping Page How much?
   Federal Trade Commission Complaint Form  |  Gethuman Database Get a Human at 800 Numbers
Charities  Charity Navigator  See how a charity spends its money
Coupons and Codes
 CouponCabin Printable Coupons
    Boodle Grocery Coupons Print Newspaper Coupons  Coupons Codes   Promotional Codes   Discounts  Discount Dining Certificates  Searchable
Finances  Annual Credit Report  Free Financial Education  All Areas of Life   Excellent
   Understanding Money  |  Basics: Investing for Beginners
   The Money Alert Excellent  |  Save for Your Future  Plan and Save for Retirement
   Dr Calculator Loans   Interest   Investment  Excellent!
Loan Calculator  Many Options  |  Basic Calculators
Quicken Retirement Planning Financial Calculator  |  About Tax Deferred Annuities
   Brill's Mutual Funds Interactive  Information  Quotes  |  Investing In Bonds
Free Online Annual Reports  Hundreds of Companies
Quatloos! Cyber-Museum of Scans and Frauds
 Buying A New Car Read This Before You Go
   Car loans, auto financing tips, dealer scams to avoid
   Cars - Vehicle and Equipment Information  |  Edmunds Car Buying Guide Prices Reviews
   New Car Prices, Used Car Values Compare Vehicles
   Used Car Information How to buy check maintain & sell a used car Test Reports  Regulations  Searchable
Real Estate ABCs of Real Estate Consumer Guide Real Estate and Homes  |  Real Estate Listings & Homes
   Buy A House Calculator Tips
Repairs Home Maintenance Searchable  | Appliances
   Home Improvement  Repair Expertise  Buying Guides  |  Calculate Materials for a Job
Gardening Virtual Garden: Plant Encyclopedia, Gardening Forums & Tips
   National Gardening Association  |  KidsGardening!
Home and Garden Television
MoviesTheaters & Times   Parent's Rating Guide  Links
National Museum of American Jewish History
AmeriSpeak: expressions of our American ancestorsFree Education on the Internet
Photography LIFE Magazine Online
  SayCheese:  The Digital Photography Site  |  Masters of Photography
  American Museum of Photography  |  Photographer: Alfred Stieglitz
  American Photography: A Century of Images  |  Fire & Ice International
  Exhibition of High Speed Photography  |  Gil T Photography - Waterfalls
  michael jang : photographer  |  Picturing the Century National Archives 
  Wegee's World Black and White  New York 1930's - 60's
  PDN Photo Annual 2002  |  Digital Photography Exhibit
  World of Escher - Gallery  |  No Rules Street Photography


HUGE Site with Links
Parent Report
Parenting Articles
Many Areas
Parents Place  Activities Chat  Ask Experts
Lots for the Family  Ideas
Advice Fun Stuff
The ChildFun Family Website Articles, Humor and Advice
Family Education Network  News  Information  Advice
KidSource OnLine  Articles  Activities  Advice
Sports Parents from Sports Illustrated For Kids
Joyful Parenting
The Whole Child
Birth to Age 5
Inside the Teenage Brain
Family Fun Network
Parent Soup
How Can Parents Model Good Listening Skills?    |  South Florida Parenting Magazine
Myria - The magazine for mothers  | the women's Network   TOP
How to Talk to a Teacher About Your Concerns
Homeschooling Homeschool World  |  Homeschool Central  Resources  Links
   The Teel Family Web Site Excellent Links and Resources from Alaska
   Donna Young's Home Site Many Worksheets & Forms 
Parents and Children Together Online Read or Submit Child's Writing
Surfing the Net With Kids  Excellent Links
Education   Build Your Memory.COM   Activities to Improve Your Memory
   The Amazing Flash Card Machine  Make Your Own or Use Theirs Many Sets  Many Topics
   Great K-12 Schools  Nationwide School Information
   SchoolMatters - School Information by Schools  Districts  States
   Parents' Place Homework Help  Activities  Kid's Publishing
   B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper Many Links to Many Subject Areas
   Helping Your Child Learn U. S. Dept. of Education   Includes:
Reading  With Homework   Get Ready for School   Preschool Child
        Responsible Behavior   Succeed in School  Early Adolescence
Teaching Tips for Parents K - 2
What Parents Can Do to Help Their Children Get Organized
Parents Guide to Organizational Skills For Students  |  How-To-Study  Great   Printable
The School Site  | Online Play   Downloads
Family Geography Challenge  |  PARENTS Quiz Whiz Many Topics  Fun Great   Activities for Learning and Fun 
Smithsonian Education
Free interactive software and printable worksheets for K-12
Adventures From the Book of Virtues  Character Education   PBS Kids
Accelerated Learning - Project Happy Child Huge Site  Many Areas
Early Learning Early Learning and Coloring Pages  My Page
Parent's Guide to Chateau Meddybemps  Ideas  Activities   Academic & Social Development
   CTW Family Workshop Sesame Street  Preschool Playground  Holidays
   Cyber-Seuss  |  Helping Your Child Get Ready for School  Birth - Kindergarten
My First Day Video For Preschoolers    Purchase Online
Reading  Between the Lions  Stories  Games  Songs 
   Creative Ways To Encourage Reading  |  Reading and Writing Tips and Activities
   Tips for Parents  Ideas and Activities  Excellent   | 
Games for Reading
   School-Home Links K-3  How to Make Your Child a Reader for Life Article
   Moving into Reading  Preschool - Gr. 2   Activities
Book Adventure! Have your child read books, take quizzes, and win prizes 
100 Best Books for Children List by Age Groups
Handwriting  Basic Handwriting Manuscript  Cursive  Practice  Blank Paper
  Math Dictionary for Kids
   Figure This! Math Challenges for Families
   |  Michele's Math Multiplication Tips
   Helping Your Child Learn Math  Many Activities  All ages Family Math
   Helping your Child Learn Math  Article  Ideas  Resources
   AAA Math Interactive Lessons  K-8  |  Visit my college math class page
Science  Help Your Child Explore Science  |  Science Fair Resource and Ideas
Special Education  Internet Resources for Special Children Disability Links
   The National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
   Frontline: medicating kids ADHD  |  Attention Deficit  Parent Resources
   Misunderstood Minds Kids Stories  Resources by Subject Area  PBS 
   Family Fun Family Health - Family Learning A Variety of Links & Resources
Special Olympics
Broward County Public Schools
Looney Tunes Teach the Internet  |  Stay Safe Online  Kid's Guide


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