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Welcome to Fifth Grade
Mrs. Morrone

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Saint Mary's Institute Mission Statement

St. Mary's Institute is an established Christian community that fosters Catholic values which encompass human dignity and discipline while nurturing an environment that enables a sound faith to flourish. Providing a rigorous curriculum inclusive of 21st century skills, that inspires students to achieve their potential and meet the needs of a demanding and ever-changing world.

Please return progress reports with parent signatures this week.

May Crowning will be Tuesday, 5/23/17 at 8:15 am.

Liturgy on Thursday, 5/24/17 at 8:15 am.

Grades 4 and 5 needs to have a pair of headphones or earbuds in class daily. These will be used in both math and ELA.

It is imperative that all fourth and fifth graders have quick recall of their multiplication facts. Please practice with your children at home. Use a deck of cards to play multiplication war. There are many free apps and games to be found online that allow your children to practice.

Fourth and fifth grade parents should have received a letter from me explaining how to sign your child up on This is a site that will allow your children to practice math facts daily. Once you have signed up, the system will send both you and I a report so that together we may monitor your child's math fact progress. Currently I have it set up to practice multiplication facts only. Later, I will include division facts as well. Students are to practice on this site daily as part of their math homework. It is my hope that they will gain quick recall of their facts as we move into division and fractions soon.

Daily, students may have a water bottle in class and should bring a healthy, non-messy snack that does not require any utensils (ex: a banana, granola bar, or pretzels.) 

The gym uniform should be worn on Mondays and Wednesdays.

At dismissal time I will escort walker/rider students to a table in the cafeteria. I ask that parents or the authorized adult (please bring your authorization pass) please come to that table to pick up their
child. Some parents are new to me and it is important that I be able to recognize you to help facilitate a smooth, safe daily dismissal. No child may leave from our table unless I have personally seen the authorized adult & given that child permission to leave.  For the safety of your children I would prefer not to engage in parent/teacher conversations during dismissal as it pulls my focus away from ensuring that each child is picked up by the appropriate adult.  If you need to speak with me or have questions, I usually respond quickly to emails or you can make an appointment to meet with me after dismissal procedures are complete.

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Mrs. Morrone
Saint Mary's Institute

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