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Pacifica High School


Tuesday 9 Feb 2016


  • SAQ Topics
    • Immigration Restrictions
    • Frederick Jackson Turner's Thesis
    • Washington vs. Du Bois
    • late 1800s Urbanization (city problems and solutions) 
  • Ch 26 Guided Reading P2 (8 questions)
    • Due Wednesday
  • Ch 26 Guided Reading P1 (20 questions)
    • Still up for those that didn't get it done over the weekend, but quiz will not be extra credit
    • I will NOT discuss these topics in class.
    • If you complete all 20 questions, Ch 26 quiz 1 will be extra credit
      • Highest percent gets a state
      • Lowest percent loses a state
      • Due Tuesday
  • Rankings for Tuesday (based on quality of responses to HIPP analysis assignment)

    • Directions for In Class Assignment
      • DUE: Monday by NOON
    • Scroll down to the bottom of this page and open up the HIPPO POL Cartoon doc. 
    • Follow the directions on the handout
    • Once you have a political cartoon, call me over so I can document your cartoon. 
      • Political Cartoon must be from Periods 1 to 6
      • You can't use a cartoon that someone else has.
      • Save it and share it with me (google docs or word) at

If interested in purchasing a LeCOMPTON t-shirt, send me an email with your size. 

  • APUSH link to the left
    • E-Textbook: Ch. 1-26
    • Vocabulary list: up to Ch. 7
    • Syllabus

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