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Pacifica High School


Wednesday 22 March 2017


  • Ch 29 Extra Credit quiz #2
    • 18 questions
  • Finish your DBQ: Due date was Monday 21
    • Reshare, because I deleted your first email to me. Now I want all 7 docs used in your essay. 
    • Document 1-7 are below.
      • HIPP the docs, but only ONE part of H.I.P.P.
    • Examples
      • Your Sentence (doc 1, historical context).
      • The intended audience of document 7 was...
      • The purpose of document 2 was...
      • Carnegie's point of view in document 1 was 
  • APUSH link to the left: when you click on it, the following will appear
    • E-Textbook: Ch. 1-40
    • Syllabus
    • Chapter vocabulary
      • currently listed are Ch 1-10

  • Mr. Rodriguez's 2016-17 schedule: Room F-112
    • P1: APUSH
    • P2: Prep in F-112
    • P3: World Civ Culinary Academy
    • P4: APUSH
    • P5: APUSH
    • P6: APUSH

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        Mr. Rod's Webpage
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