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Pacifica High School


Thursday 27 October 2016


  • Unit/Period 3 Exam: 1754-1800
    • Thursday: 30 MC and an SAQ
    • Friday: 40 MC and SAQ 
    • Topics to focus on...
      • Causes, effects and significance of the following
        • French and Indian War
        • Pontiacs Rebellion
        • Proclamation Line
        • Stamp Act
        • Non-Importation Agreements
        • Boston Massacre
        • Intolerable Acts
        • Patriot vs Loyalist
        • Thomas Paine's Common Sense
        • Declaration of Independence
        • Articles of Confederation
        • Constitution 
        • Federalist Papers
        • Bill of Rights
        • Republican Motherhood
        • Federalists vs. Anti-federalist
        • George Washington Neutrality and Farewell Address
        • French Revolution (as it relates to the U.S.)
        • Jay's Treaty
        • Federalists vs Democratic-Rep
        • Hamilton's economic plan
        • Hamilton vs Jefferson
        • Alien and Sedition Acts
  • Ch 10 Quiz 1, 2, and 3.
    • Due Thursday by 8:15 am
  • Presidential Scavenger Hunt: 
    • Find and bring in a mailer from Trump, Clinton, G. Johnson, J. Stein. 
      • winner gets any open state
    • Find Mr. Rodriguez's mailer from 2010 or 2014
      • I will tweet information on where you can find this mailer. 
      • winner gets any open state

  • APUSH link to the left: when you click on it, the following will appear
    • E-Textbook: Ch. 1-40
    • Syllabus
    • Chapter vocabulary
      • currently listed are Ch 1-10
  • Mr. Rodriguez's 2016-17 schedule
    • P1: APUSH
    • P2: Prep in F-112
    • P3: World Civ Culinary Academy
    • P4: APUSH
    • P5: APUSH
    • P6: APUSH

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