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Tuesday 6 December 2016


  • Ch 16 GR P3 and 4
    • 5 questions each 
  • Extra Credit: Ch 16 Quiz 2
    • 16 questions, 8 min.
      • Posted after 8:00 pm

  • For students who were absent on Monday
    • Reformers: Purifying the Nation P1
      • Scroll down and complete the Reformers assignment for Dorothea Dix and William Lloyd Garrison.

  • Final Exam Terms to know (total of 50 once list is done)
    • Unit/Period 1 (1491-1607)
    1. Native American diversified culture, economy, society, and government 
    2. Encomienda System
    3. Columbian Exchange
    4. Bartolomeo De Las Casas
    5. Juan Gindes de Sepulveda
    6. Treaty of Tordesillas
    7. Pueblo Revolt
    8. Middle Passage

  • APUSH link to the left: when you click on it, the following will appear
    • E-Textbook: Ch. 1-40
    • Syllabus
    • Chapter vocabulary
      • currently listed are Ch 1-10

  • Mr. Rodriguez's 2016-17 schedule: Room F-112
    • P1: APUSH
    • P2: Prep in F-112
    • P3: World Civ Culinary Academy
    • P4: APUSH
    • P5: APUSH
    • P6: APUSH

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