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Mission to Liberia Mission to Liberia


     We have partnered with Mission to Liberia which is a non-profit organization serving the needs of Liberians after fifteen years of civil war. We have "adopted" a school in Gbessah, Liberia called the YCA. Every dollar raised goes right to the school.  It is important to be mindful of children who do not have the privileges that we have in America.  Not only can we help these children have a school that does not have the simple things like, drinking water, bathrooms, supplies etc., we can start a connection between Friedman students and the students in Gbesseh. The Friedman community will be able take part in a global service project that will have lasting benefits for all involved.

     The first year we raised money for a livestock and planting project.  We raised $600 to buy the village 3 goats and get them started on planting and harvesting food.  The second year we raised $2,500 to build latrines for the school.  Last year we hit an all time high and raised over $4,000 to build a well.  This enabled the YCA school to reopen after the Ebola crisis in Western Africa.  This year our goal is to raise $5,000 to put a new roof on the school which is sorely needed in order to keep the school open during the rainy season.

See below to read emails from the principal of the YCA school in Gbessah, Liberia.

Dear Mrs. LeClair

On behalf of YCA, I extend to you sincere apologies for the prolong silence from our side and hasten to reestablish contact since the outbreak appears to be subsiding and there are signals that schools will open very soon. I also take this opportunity to extend heartfelt Happy New Year, wishing that this new year will be a better year for the efforts you are making for YCA.  You may be aware that Liberia has been one of the affected countries in the last nearly one year of devastation by the deadly Ebola virus, coupled with the mysterious disappearance of my computer personal, which made it difficult for me to maintain free communication with the outside world.

I say a big thank you for the support you give us and remain sincerely grateful for your love and assistance to the children of Liberia who want to learn, but are limited. The information from you that you have made some collection on our behalf is certainly great and welcoming news. I extend many thanks to the students and staff of Friedman Middle School who continued to show us this love and concern. Thus, we remain ever committed to Mission to Liberia for advancing and supporting the relationship between us.

As an update, the hygienic and related situation in Liberia has changed dramatically during and after the outbreak of Ebola in the country.  Thus, the need for water is ever more present and now a pre-condition for schools to operate.  We are aware that you intended to combine the water project with the latrine construction, and that the latrines are now completed, thanks to your effort.  Now that water is necessary condition for commencing school (in February 2015), we wish to ask that you speed up your plan so that water will be available on the campus by that time.  Note that the site has already been selected and ready for construction.


We extend to you our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for your kind assistance and future plan, and please let us know the way forward at your earliest possible convenience.


Sincerely yours,


A.     Duke Yeanue

Mrs. LeClair


Someone once said that whatever we possess becomes of double value when we share it with others. Looking around me at the difference your financial support has made to our school, I know that to be true. Your gift arrived during the heat of the Ebola outbreak and was soon hard at work, helping us provide fresh drinking water to the Students of Young Christian Academy. Simply put, if it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you, we would have extreme difficulties existing here. So, on behalf of the children, teaching staff and board of directors, I take this opportunity to extend to you many thanks for supplying the funds that we needed to make a difference in the lives of our students, as well as the life of our neighbors. You are an example to us of a true servant spirit, esteeming others more than yourself, and putting Kingdom priorities ahead of your own. I am especially moved by the fact that kids can be touched by the plight of their peers in other parts of the world whom they have never seen.


 I say profound thanks and appreciation to you, for your donations and extend to you sincere apologies for the prolong silence from our side, and hasten to re-establish contact since the outbreak appears to be subsiding and schools are reopening and functioning again. Thanks a million again for your support.


We now have clean and safe drinking water, which would have boosted our enrollment had the Ebola situation not occurred. We are again very grateful for your generosity.



 Very sincerely yours,

         Duke Yeanue

Dear Mr. Cambra,

On behalf of the Young Christian Academy, I would like to say thank
you so much for the level of assistance you have given us over the
years. This has gone a long way in promoting our image thus increasing
our school enrollment. Right now, we have about 87 students during the
first week of school which indicates a significant change in our
status. The last school year, we were at 52; this is expected to rise
up to at least 100 or more by the end of the first six-week period. We
are indeed very grateful to the Friedman Middle School family,
particularly Mrs. LeClair and her student, who continue to build
confidence in us and their willingness to contribute to the future
education of our children. Sincerely,Alfred Duke Yeanue


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