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Student Work » MMEHMCPS Is The Best! 5 Paragraph Essays

MMEHMCPS Is The Best! 5 Paragraph Essays



Please, read our 5 paragraph essays to find out why we think so.



Our school MMEHMCPS, is the best. It’s a great place to learn, have wonderful gym time, awesome clusters, and fun parties.

Gym is the best because you can play with other kids, do really fun games like medic ball, pillow pollow, junkyard, and snake in the grass etc.

Clusters are great because you can learn a lot, like crafts, learn really cool stuff like how to use chopsticks, and other cool things. In my Cluster I leaned how to do paper mache.

Parties are wonderful because you can eat sweets treats, cookies, etc. You can also play games like Doggy, Doggy, Where’s Your Bone?, guess how many gumballs in a jar, Pin the Face on the Pumpkin, and other fun games.

That is why our school is the BEST!



Our school is the best. It’s a great place to learn because of enrichment clusters, recess, and three star treats.

Enrichment clusters were great! I was in the knitting cluster. I knitted a scarf. It turned out great! It’s blue, green, and purple.

I love recess especially doing the rings and monkey bars .My friends do it with me. The thing I don’t like about the monkey bars and rings is that I get blisters. I still love them though!

Three star treats are awesome. To get a star we have to earn one line of a star at a time. To earn a whole star we have to get a "wonderful", "excellent", or "fantastic" from a specialist teacher. When we earn 3 stars or more we get a pick from the treasure box, 4 stickers, pretzel sticks, or say if we earned 9 stars, I could get 3 "3 star tickets".

Our school is the best in the whole entire world because of enrichment clusters, recess, and three star treats.



MMEHMCPS is the best and is a fun place to be because of fun gym, great recess, and beautiful books.

Gym is fun because the games are challenging and sometimes easy. But the exercise is the best especially stations around the gym. My favorite game is Medic Ball because you get to throw balls at each other.

Recess is great because of running with the jump rope and playing football with Ms. Police, too. We get 15 minutes to play outside on the playground.

The books are beautiful because we all take good care of them together. The books are very good, too. The best book I took out of the library is The Champions of 2004. The book is about the Red Sox winning the world series in 2004.

That is why MMEHMCPS is the best in the world!


Heather and Hannah

Our school is the best. It is a good place to learn because of cool Field Trips, awesome parent helpers and spectacular math games!

Some of the cool field trips we go on at in all grades are… Third Grade Plimoth Plantation, Second Grade Harbor Cruse, First Grade Zoo Kindergarten Beach. See? There are many cool field trips.

Parent helpers are also awesome because Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Ricci, and Nuala come in to our class on different days and help with social studies. Mrs. Brox comes in for reading. They all help a lot!

The math games are fun, too! They are fun because you learn lots of things! You can teach teachers, friends and family. Lots of students come up with the games that we play. We have lots of games now that we have lots of students!

Our school MMEHMCPS is the best and all these things make it the best and a lot more! That’s why we like MMEHMCPS.



Our school MMEHMCS is the best. It’s a great place to learn because of clusters, recess, and computers.

Clusters is my first reason because you learn so much and it’s so fun. I learned how to use chopsticks and I also learned origami. We used branches from outside to make a fake tree.

Recess is a good time to go outside and get fresh air. But my favorite thing is pushing a tire swing and to go on it, too.

The computer is fun to learn. You can play games and learn at the same time. Sometimes your mom/dad will let you talk to friends.

MMEHMCPS is great because all of these things and all of these are good! That’s why I like MMEHMCPS.



Our school, MMEHMCPS, is the best. It’s a great place to learn because of Enrichment Clusters, Specials, and Classroom helpers.

Enrichment Clusters are groups of people. There are all different kinds of topics that are studied by students. My cluster was "Scales and Tales." I did a lot of poetry and my favorite type of poetry was the Giggle Couplets. I also liked holding animals.

Specials are really exciting. The six specials that are every week are Gym,

Computers, Art, Library, Health, and Yoga. The special I really enjoy is Computers. Computers is every 2nd Wednesday. We play with Zoobinies, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, and other fun games.

Classroom Helpers are parents or students that come in our classroom to help out. Two people that come to help out are Nuala and Mrs. Ricci. Nuala and Mrs. Ricci come in on Monday. They sometimes also come to Book Buddies with us. They are really helpful to me.

MMEHMCPS is the best and a spectacular and awesome school. It’s a great place to learn because of Enrichment Clusters, Specials, and Classroom Helpers.



Our school, MMEHMCPS, is the best. It’s a great place to learn because of colorful Clusters, exciting field day, and super special gym.

Clusters are colorful because I was in "Break It, Make It, Give It Away". We made mosaics with all different colors and patterns and design glass. First, we laid down pieces and glued them there. Then, we grouted them by brushing the grout on with a paintbrush. After, we put them on display. I’d like to thank the enrichment cluster teachers.

Field day is cool. We have lunch outside then we play all sorts of field games like, tic tac toe, bowling, and egg and spoon. But we always have good sportsmanship.

Gym is really fun. Our gym teacher is Ms. Spurr. She does gymnastics and games like medic ball, pillow pollow, dirty yard, and tag games. I’m glad that we have gym and Ms. Spurr.

I think our school is the best school of all the schools because of colorful Clusters, exciting field day, and super special gym.



Our school, MMEHMCPS is the best. It is a great place to learn because of good books, good board games, and nice teachers.

MMEHMCPS has the best books because they have non fiction,fiction, fables, and fairy tale like Cricket in time Square.My favorite part in Cricket in Time Square was when the newspaper stand caught fire.

MME has the best board games because there are challenging games like chess and Battleship. We can play these games at indoor recess or if we have some free time in class.

Our school has the nicest teachers like Mrs.Thonus, Mrs.Gal, and Mrs.Ahearn. They’re really nice because when you get in trouble they do not yell at you and they make learning fun.

These are just some of the reasons why MMEHMCPS is the best in the world.



Our school, MMEHMCPS, is the best school. It’s a great place to learn because of the fantastic dramas, spectacular specials, and cool three star treats.

Our school dramas are fun but they’re hard to put on. Our solar system play has some funny parts like when the asteroids did the cha-cha. Did you know that Jupiter is the largest planet?

Specials are fun. My favorite special is art because we don’t just draw, we do stuff like toothpick sculptures. And we can bring them home, too .

Three star treats are when we get a pick from the treasure box . When we do something right we get a part of a star.

Now you can see how my school is super!


John and Harrison

Our school, MMEHMCPS, is the best. It’s a nice place to learn because of going to nice Plimoth Plantation, gym, and C.O.W..

We liked Plimoth Plantation because we went into a house and saw a pig that was roasting on a spear through its mouth. Its eyes were bleeding. It was at the water and we saw a big boat in the lake and it had people on it. We went to the gift shop and it had all kinds of things in it that had to do with Plimoth Plantation. All kinds of thing we saw.

We think gym is the best because we get lots of good exercise like jumping jacks and running around the gym for 2 min. Another reason is the games like; pillow pollow, which is like hockey, medic ball, and snake in the grass. We do fitness testing and the real fitness testing is outside.

We think the C.O.W. is the best. One more thing I want to add is that a C.O.W. is our computers on wheels. Back to what I was saying. You get to also go to Plato and John John wants to pass math on Study Island. I get to go to grade 4 level because I already passed third grade math. It is the same thing with reading, too.

That is way our school, MMEHMCPS, is the best.


By Lydia and Tori

Our school MMEHMCPS is spectacular. It’s a great place to learn because of great field trips, awesome plays, and fantastic Enrichment Clusters.

Field trips are great because we have lots of fun and learn things, too. In third grade we went to Plimonth Plantation. It was really cool because it felt like we went back in time. We saw the Pilgrim village and Wampanoag village. We got to see a longhouse and go in a Wetu. We got to see the Wampanoags build a Wetu. In both villages we got to see how they cook their food. In the Pilgrim village we got to see them build houses and got to go inside some houses. I learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

Plays are awesome because you get to act out. Our favorite play is the Solar System Play. Our play is about journeying through the solar system. We like the asteroid belt because when they walk on stage they say cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha! It’s really funny! The Solar System Play is fun and very educational.

Enrichment Clusters are fantastic because every Friday morning for 1 hour in the morning for 7 weeks we go to our Enrichment Cluster. For example, there is Journey to Japan, Exploring the Human Body, V is for Volunteer, Young Astronauts, and tons more! Enrichment Clusters are so much fun.

Now you can see why our school, MMEHMCPS, is spectacular!

The music is



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