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Student Work » Spring Poetry

Spring Poetry



Our Spring Poems

We chose any style poetry to write spring poems.  We also wrote "Point of View" Poetry.

What is a Dog?

A dog is…

A best friend to a man

A home to a flea

Food to a tick

A protector to a person

By Kenny


Soft, fluffy, bunnies

Rubbing up against my leg

It felt soft and fluffy

By Lydia

What is a bowling ball?

A bowling ball is….

A home to three fingers

An enemy to bowling pins.

Impossible to bite for a dog

A bruising ball to a gutter

A hard ball to toes

By Lydia

Sunflowers blooming.

Pretty birds flying.

Roses blooming in the sun.

It is hot outside.

Nectar is in the flowers.

Glittering waters shining from the sun.

By Elijah

What is a Rat?

A Rat is…

A bus to a disease

A cute pet to me

An enemy to a city

A disappointment to a city girl

Diamond to a rat cage

Treat to a cat.

By Jennie

What is a Baseball?

A Baseball is…

A homerun to a bat

A strike to a glove

A souvenir for a fan

By Elijah

What is a Cat?

A Cat is…

A soft pillow to a toy

A toy to a Cat is a scratching post

A Cat to a dog is a dog treat

A dog to a cat is a man eating dog

A cat is sleeping

By Tori


My friends are the best!

My friends make me very happy.

My friends are so nice!

By Tori

What is a Dog?

A dog is…

A home for flies

A playmate for a person

An enemy to a cat

A friend to fur

A food to attack

By Cody

What is a Bunny?

A bunny is…

An enemy to a carrot

A pet to a person

A home for fur

A giant to an ant

A delicious food to a tick

A home to a fly

By Hannah

Sparkling spring bunnies

Prancing in the beautiful meadow

Racing the sweet smelling wind

In the mid of the warm day

Near the clear pond

Gathering around

Big blooming tree

Under the sky

Nuts falling from the tallest tree

Near the beautiful garden

In the bushes

Eating the sweet berries

Slurping the sparkling water

By Brianna

What is a Dog?

A dog is…

An Enemy to a cat

Food to a flea

A ride to a chore

A playmate a boy

A friend to a human

By Justin

Spring is beautiful

Spring is sweet

Spring is flowery

That’s why it is the best.

By Justin

Spring white bunny’s hopping over

Poppies while winds are blowing

Running down the grassy hill

Into his little snug house to go

Now he is sleeping

Groaning when he sleeps

By Hannah

Smell the sweet flowers

Preparing for spring

Really sweet looking

I love spring!

Giving lovely smells.

By Alexis

What is a shoe?

A shoe is…

A chew toy for a dog

A home for mice

A playground for an ant

A house for a snake

A cage for a foot

An enemy for a nose.

By Alexis

Fun grassy fields

In the spring

Everybody is loving their dogs

In the spring.

By Cody

Cute golden dogs

Running for chew toys

In green grassy fields

In the sunny morning

Because it’s Easter time.

By Cody

What is a Dog?

A dog is an enemy to a cat.

A dog is home for a collar.

A dog is a toy to a mouse.

A dog is a family protection.

By Ryan


Swinging in the yard

Flying through the cool spring air

On a warm spring day

By Ryan

What is a hockey puck?

A hockey puck is….

A friend to a pad

An enemy to a net

Suicide to a net post

A massager to a hockey stick.

By Nico

Baseball is awesome

I love to catch balls in air

Getting people out.

By Nico

What is a dog?

A dog is…..

A playground to a flea.

Food to a tick,

A friend to a person,

Enemy to chocolate,

A ride for a collar,

Playmate to balls.

By Heather


Rockin fire robbins

Flying tree to tree

Early in the cool morning

In my big front yard

Because it is spring.

By Heather

Rocking redsox

Eating hot dogs

Dashing the bases

So awesome

Opening Fenway

Xing of baseball

By Joseph

What is a bully?

A bully is…

A mean person to a kid

A scared person to a principal

A giant to an ant.

By Joseph

What is a giraffe’s lip?

A helpful thing to a giraffe

An enemy to a leaf

A friend to a tooth

By Joseph

Smell of pretty flowers

Rich spring cooking

In the warm oven

Nests near the window

Growing sunlight streams through the door.

By Lindsay

What is an ice cube?

An ice cube is…

Antarctica to a fly

A cool cube to a drink

A frightened thing to a dog

By Joseph

What is a friend?

A friend is…

Someone who cares

Someone who helps

Someone who shares.

By Joseph

Rocking Red Sox

Smashing homers

At famous, fun Fenway Park

Can’t wait for Fenway opening day.

By Joseph

What is a shoe?

A shoe is…..

A chew toy to a dog

A napping place to a rat

A friend to its pair

A home to a foot

A puzzle to a shoelace

By Lindsay

Red Sox

Red, white, ball

David Ortiz hitting the ball in the bright cloudy sky

Nice people cheering for him

A nice person tapping on your shoulder

A person congratulating you for hitting a home run

A big kid trying to be as good as you.

By John

What is a TV?

A TV is……

A friend to a DVD

An enemy to reading

A box full of people to a baby

A home to dust

A playmate to a child

By John

What is a Bug?

A bug is…

A friend to nature

Food to a bird

A target to a flyswatter

Itchy pest to a dog

A monster to a crumb

By Claire

Sudden little booming plants

Popping up like crisp popcorn

Recognized by all of the people walking by

In the garden, all the colorful plants lay

Nature ever sounding beautiful

Growing tiny buds everywhere

By Claire


Spring means lots of life,

Let’s keep it the way it is.

Spring is very fun.

By Jennie

What is a Cat?

A cat is…

An enemy to birds

Home to fleas

A drink to ticks

Friend to the sun

Playmate to string

By Briauna

Spectacular flowers blooming

Pedals as bright as lemons

Remaining for days and days

In days they get bigger

Nine days they get humongous

Getting as big as shrubs

By Tyler

What is a book?

A book is…

A story for a human,

A solid building to an ant,

A friend to a teacher,

A home to pages,

A chew toy to a mouse,

A learning paper to a baby,

An enemy to ink.

By Sarah

Sunny flowers are,

Popping up everywhere.

Rain is coming more often,

In the warm outdoors.

Nothing is

Going to be disturbing today.

By Sarah

What is a pen?

A pen is …

A friend to a paper

Help for a person

Chew toy for a dog

Enemy to an eyeball

A home for an eraser

Holder for ink

by Harrison


On a midnight cruise

Playing tag on the big cruise

Having a fun time

By Kenny


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