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Student Work » Our Dr. Seuss Poems

Our Dr. Seuss Poems







I am Bluakamoo.

I like to say moo moo.

I live in the town of Seesoo.

I look like a blue kangaroo.

I have feet like a cow,

And sometimes say bow wow.

I eat pans and crayons,

And now live in Japan.

On my thin body I have a lot,

Of blue, pink, and yellow spots.



I have a cute pet zertle named Shertle.

It lives in a town called Berttle Mcwertle.

My pet zertle named Shertle has a special talent.

It’s the only zertle that can sing the Hertle.

She likes to eat sherbert,

While swinging on Herbert.

She lives in a house taller than the sun.

Which is very amazing for a Shertle on the run.

Her tail is very slimy.

Just like her nose which is grimy.

Her sister lives in the same town too.

Just like all other Shertles do.




My name is Sue-Sue.

I am a fue- fue.

I live in a house as furry as a mouse.

No fue- fue`s ever have a nice house.

I like Burger King

Fresh from the oven wing.

My hobby is weeping,

While I am sleeping.




I have a pet named Cataphant.

He lives in a town called Ataphant.

He likes to eat a tangy banana.

While hanging off a fancy cabana.

His talent is to strike a bowl.

With his very best friend the mole.

He has a very nice soul.

With his best friend the mole.




By Sarah Evangelista

I have a pet named Swog

We keep her down by a bog

Her talent is to drive a car

Every time she goes she brings a jar

When it comes to her birthday

It will always be a "perfect day"





I have a pet named Elemouse.

He lives in a town named Pelesowse.

He is covered in fur from head to toe.

And gets frozen down when he plays in the snow.

He eats only ham from a certain kind of lamb.

Only feed him that or he gives you a bam.

His head is quite big but he is quite dumb.

Because he falls down and laughs when he pricks his thumb.






I have a pet named Snilaboo.

He really likes to yell out, "Boo!"

He lives in a town called Snailaboo.

He is really good at the sport of footboo.

He has a snail for a nose.

His eyes are a water hose.

He likes to eat pickles,

And to mix them with snickles.




I have a pet called Wubunn.

Who likes to tan in the sun.

Who lives in a town called Quakmacks.

Where they like to eat gooey, black tacks.

Who likes to play by the bay.

Where there is sharp pointy hay.

And if you really don’t like her.

Be sure to go see her friend Cooper.




I have a pet named Yorkibird .

It lives in the town of Hooibird.

It floats in a bubble

The only thing it says is subtle.

His talent is to fly sky high.

As he flies, he drifts to Si Liy .

Then he gets back home,

And dances on foam.





My name is a Bug-a-fish-bunny.

I live in a town called the Zunny.

I always play on the wall.

I love to play with my ball.

I like to take hairs out of heads.

And I keep them on all my pink beds.

I dislike the food called ick.

But that’s when I play a trick.




I have a pet named Gark.

He lives in a place called Blark.

Every day I feed him my teachers,

And all of my crazy cool creatures.

He is as handsome as dog charming.

His house is so very alarming.

His house has flying fleas.

It’s hidden in a forest of trees.

He can swim like a fish.

And break like a dish.




Hi, my name is Puzzy.

I am very fuzzy.

I am a Trumple

And I like to ride my drumple.

I live in a town called Tuffle.

I like to play the game of Duffle.

I like to eat pears.

I like stuffed bears.

I have a small nose.

I like to wear hose.




I have a pet called Polka-dotted-share

She lives in a Polka-dotted town called Flayar.

She has big spots all over her body.

Her best friend is named Polka-dot Scotty.

She sits in her bed all day long.

Playing with her little toy bong

She eats mushy, gushy stew.

While she’s always saying, Stew Boo.




I have a pet named Punky,

Who lives in the island of Shmunky.

He likes eating grapes,

While swinging on drapes.

He looks like a cool, cool monkey,

But is furry and really, really funky.

And really likes living in Shmunky,

With his little sister named Zunky.




My name is Psycho.

I live in a town called Flyco.

I eat cheese,

And drive with my keys.

I fall down the stairs,

When I’m scared by a bear

I have a friend named Call.

And he falls in stalls.




I have a pet named Din.

He likes to sit in a tin.

He lives in town named Mound.

He gets his pets from the pound.

He has a shell.

It has a bad smell.

He has a story to tell.

And words he must spell.




I am an Alachick.

I like to pick and pick.

I like to pick nice kids apart.

I really like to hurt their hearts.

I like the show called Boo.

And now there’s a pet Sue.

I really, really, love to eat pie!

Chocolate pie really makes me sigh.


The music is 

"Theme from Benny Hill"

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