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Student Work » Our Winter Acrostics

Our Winter Acrostics

We had fun writing winter acrostics. Enjoy!


Wonderful snow as powdery as powder

Inside the snow is grass that is brown

Neatly on trees there is snow

Tightly packed snow is on the grass

Everything is covered with snow

Right near the tree is a bush covered with snow.

By Alexis

Writing winter poems

In my warm living room

Near the fire to keep the cold away

Taking page after page writing more

Eager to finish my winter thoughts

Right after a warm comforting dinner

By Briauna

Winter bunnies as white as the snow

Inside their little homes

Never leaving one piece of food behind

Tearing through the snow to get to their burrow.

Everyday the polar bear lays and sleeps inside their caves

Roaring and snoring for peace and quiet

And hoping that spring will come.

Now spring is almost here

Instead, allowing him to get out of his cramped cave.

Mammals waiting

All over the world

Little ones and big ones still waiting in the

Snowy snow.

By Claire

Small snowflakes falling

Near dawn

Outside in my backyard.

Wacky snow birds flying around.

By Cody

Snowboarding down hills

Knowing what

I am doing

By Elijah

Snowballs being thrown wildly

No where to hide in the forest

Only running away from the snowballs

Wondering if someone is watching me.

By Harrison

Wonderful snow

Icicles hanging

Never falling

Trees covered in snow

Excited for spring

Remembering winter is fun

By Heather

Watch the sparkly snow

In snow as shiny as glitter

Near frozen pond

Toboggan on little red sled

Escape flying snowballs

By Jennie

Shiny white snow and your

Nose as red as can be

Oh! A snowman standing as still as can be

Wow, the snowman is looking at me.

By John

Smashing snow in someone’s face

Now knowing someone’s missing

On a mound of snow now throwing it

Wondering if someone’s behind me.

Foraging for people

Interfering with a snowball

Guessing someone’s behind that tree

Hesitating in a spot

Telling someone to look behind them

By Joseph

Snow as sparkly as glitter

Nice ice in the winter time

Other beautiful flakes

Wow, things are snowy!

By Justin

Snow melting off your hat,

Kind to friends on the mountain,

Including people in downhill racing.

By Kenny

Ice skaters gracefully

Circling, jumping

Eager to fly across the ice.

By Lindsay

Winding down

Icy paths I see

Nice, frosty snow falling from the sky.

Trees are covered in icy snow.

Everything is so beautiful.

Round snowman look like they’re real.

By Lydia

Snow as deep as a meter

Noses as red as cherries

Outside sounds of children playing

Winter fresh snowfall blanket

By Nico

Skiing like a wild tiger down a

Killer Mountain

In the frosty winter

By Ryan

Skiing down

Killer jumps, covered with

Icy snow

By Tyler

Small snow bunnies hopping down the

New snow valleys, leaving footprints in the cotton snow.

One snow bunny sitting alone

With snow all over the carrot in his mouth.

By Hannah

Music is
Winter Wonderland by Yuko Ohigashi
Visit Yuko Ohigashi Plays Solo Piano

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