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Student Work » Holiday Poems

Holiday Poems

We had fun writing poems for the holidays. Enjoy!

Sugar Plum Fairies

Sweet, sugar plum fairies

In a warm, cozy house

Happily dancing

On a cold, twinkling night

Because it was the night before Christmas.

By Alexis


Jolly Old Santa Claus

Jolly, old Santa Claus

At the misty North Pole

Jumping into the dirty chimneys

In the middle of the night

Bringing presents to awesome little boys and girls.

By Justin


Candy Canes

Magical, striped candy canes

Jumping into your sloppy, old mouth

Being licked 'til they are gone

On Christmas Eve of course

Because they are so good!

By Ryan


My Christmas Cats

Two beautiful, Christmas cats

Dressing up as Santa cats

On white, blustery Christmas Eve

In the front of the clear, white North Pole

Because they love big, old, chubby Santa.

By Cody


Toy-making Elves


The wonderful working elves

At the snowy North Pole

Making colorful toys for boys and girls

The morning of awesome Christmas Eve

Because of wonderful Christmas Day

By Tyler


Black and White Penguin

Fuzzy, beautiful penguin

At the snow, crispy South Pole

Quickly waddling around

In the sunny, golden morning

Because it's a magical Christmas day.

By Harrison


Jolly Santa Claus

Fat and round Santa

At the cold, icy North Pole

Smiling and getting ready to leave

In the dark, starry night

So all the good little boys and girls get theirsparkling present on Christmas Day.

By Hannah


Santa's Reindeer

Prancing, enchanting reindeer

Waiting excitedly, hoping to get picked

At the snowy, frosty North Pole

For it is almost spectacular Christmas Eve

So when Santa comes, eight wonderful reindeer will be ready to prance into the amazing Christmas night.

By Lindsay



Sparkling, crystal snowflakes

Falling from the dark, night sky

Dancing and twirling everywhere

At magical midnight when Santa's sleigh soars by

All because of the white, fluffy clouds.

By Sarah



All of the small, jolly elves

In Santa's huge, gull workshop

Making beautifully painted toys for all the good children

On a frosty winter night

Because it's almost freezing cold Christmas.

By Briauna


Working Elves

lots of hard working pointy-eared elves

at the snowy, cold North Pole

happily working together

all year long

so lots of boys and girls can get sparkly presents.

By Heather


Christmas Snow

Sparkling, glittery, white snow

Falling from the cold, starry night

At the magical frosty North Pole

On a special Christmas Eve

So when the happy boys and girls wake up they have the miracle of cold, white snow.

By Lydia



Icy, frosty icicles

At the bottom of the crusty, white branches

Freezing like ice cubes

On frigid days

Because it is a snowy, cold winter.

By Claire


Big Santa

Big, jolly Santa

Was on a slimy, rusty chimney

At a little girl’s tiny house

On the snowy, spectacular day before Christmas

To give the girl a large present with a polka-dotted bow.

By John


Cold, Frosty Snowman

Cold, frosty snowman

In my icy, snowy backyard

Making my house look welcoming

In the dark frozen night

To make people come to the cheerful, jolly open house.

By Joseph


Christmas Eve

Happy, helpful Dad

In the cold, crispy front yard

Working hard to hang bright red Christmas lights

On a dark, snowy night

So Santa Claus can find our house.

By Nico


Christmas Eve

Jolly, old Santa

Over the sleeping town

Flying silently with his bight red sleigh

At frosty midnight

To deliver the beautiful, great presents to villagers below.

By Elijah


Snow Angels

Snow angels

Lying on the grass, white and shining

In the white frosty backyard

On cold, crisp Christmas morning

For children to make over the icy night.

By Jennie

The music is

"Oh, Tannenbaum"

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