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Student Work » Autumn Thoughts

Autumn Thoughts



Please enjoy our free verse poetry!


By Ryan

Orange leaves crunching in the air,

As they fall from the old tree over there.

Then I jump into a pile,

And leaves go everywhere.


By Justin

I could hear a mooing sound in the distance.

I could see a red house with hay stacks in front.


By Cody

Leaves falling,

Trees shaking,

I was out there.

It was fall time.

It was time.

1, 2, 3, it was leaf time!


by Briauna

A sunny day,

Hearing leaves blowing in the air,

Trees feel like fire wood,

Clear sky,

Bright yellow and orange leaves,

I see a big grassy hill,

Big sticks on the ground.


By Lydia

As red, yellow, and orange leaves flutter to the ground,

Smoke rising from the chimney,

And people inside drinking hot chocolate,

Crunch, crunch go the leaves when I walk.

Fall is fun!


By Tyler

Leaves were falling,

Orange and red, hard, crunchy leaves,

I tripped on a stick,


Fell into a pile of leaves.


By Nico

I love fall.

I love the fall leaves.

I love the fall sun.

I love the fall wind.

I love the fall rain.

I love fall.


By Hannah

Leaves falling every where.

Sun burning hot.

Sky as blue as swimming pools.


By Elijah

The fall day

I was in a field.

There were haystacks every where

The grass was thick and tall.

Way back in the distance the trees were pine green and the wind passed my face it made my cheeks rosy red.

It was a nice fall day.



Brisk air stung my cheeks

Bumpy, scratchy bark

Leaves rustling in the crisp air

Stone wall covered with snow and leaves

Ghosts weaving through the branches

Sitting by the warm crackling fire.


by Heather

One October morning I went outside.

The air was as crisp as apple pie.

I saw a tree that had golden leaves.

The tree had lots of branches.

The branches were swaying side to side.

The crows were cawing as they were flying over the tree tops.


By Claire

Leaves turn orange, red, and yellow,

Falling like little angles dancing though the sky,

Lying on the ground are beautiful leaves that came from up high,

Each one that falls is jumped on.



Gold, green, and red patterns in trees,

Reflect in motionless water.

A house nearly hidden by branches that rustled by the wind,

When I touched the water it felt cool,

In the corner saw a little dock.

It smelled of leaves.

Heat beat across my face.

It was a beautiful day.


by Lindsay

The richly red, orange, yellow, and brown leaves fall





The leaves fall in a pile.

The smell of roasting turkey fills my nose.



By Alexis


It was a cool fall day,

The leaves were cool and fresh,

As I jumped in them it made a big crunch.

I love fall.



One day it was a fall morning.

I could hear the birds chirping.

I loved the day because the bubbles were cheering me up.

It was beautiful.

Seeing the water going through the rocks on the waterfall,

Seeing a fish falling from the waterfall, a striped bass,

It was the best time of my life.

Suddenly a big fish jumped over the rock,

I would like to eat the fish that jumped over the rock,

My dad was there with me,

He would like to eat the fish, too.

Doesn't that fish look good?


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