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Student Work » Spooky Stories

Spooky Stories


Read on...If you dare!


The Graveyard
By Albert

One Halloween night I had a Spooky Stories book to return to the library.  I didn’t want to miss trick-or-treating so I had to take the shortcut through the graveyard.  I really didn’t want to, but my mom said there was nothing to be afraid of.  Finally, I agreed with her.  She gave me some pumpkin seeds and I got my bike. 

When I got to the graveyard I shivered.  I opened the cold gate.  Creeeek, it was old and rusty.  One of the streetlamps flickered.  Another went out.  I took my first step in.  The ground was cold and mushy.  I went to a tall, spooky gravestone.  It said: Mr. _ _ _ _ died on October 31, alive every Halloween.  The name was so old I could only make out the word,  Mr.

All of a sudden everything went black!  “AAAAHHHHH!” I heard something scream.  I felt a cold, scabby hand rub up against me.  I reached down and picked up a rock.  I threw it as hard as I could.  Crack!  I hit the thing.   Hisssss, it hissed at me.  There was a flash of lightning.  There was a huge hole where the grave was.  But the lightning was so quick I didn’t see the monster.

I heard the door open.  I thought it was more monsters coming up out of their graves.  But I was wrong because I heard the librarian’s voice.  The monster was just about to bite me when the graveyard lit up again.  I ran into the library. 

The librarian asked me what was wrong.  So I told her.

“Ah,” she said.  “Yes, every year I find a new grave that says: Died October 31, comes alive every Halloween.”

“Then why didn’t I get bit?”  I asked.
“I don’t know,” she said.
“And what was that thing?”  I asked.

She didn’t know, but she described it for me.  It has snakes for hair.  If you look at its eyes you will faint.  Then it will bite you.  Its breath is a rock.  That’s how it makes new gravestones.  It scratches the engravings in the stone with its claw.  If you ever need to return a book to this library on Halloween, DON”T DO IT!”


Stuck in Terror
By Eliana

On Halloween night we always go trick-or-treating.  I was going with my friends, but just as I made my way out, my friend Rachel came running.  She was pale, and screaming.  I asked what was wrong and she answered, “I was walking with Kerry when the moon came out and my neighbor turned into a werewolf! Then Kerry ran into the woods and yelled!  Then I ran and found you!  We have to find her, Eli!”

I told her to calm down.  Then I went into the woods with Rachel close behind.  I heard whimpering and saw Kerry hiding in a bush.  She jumped out and said she was hurt, and indeed she was.  Her arm was covered in blood.  She said, to our surprise, that she knew magic because she had been bitten by something magical.  It started to get very cold.  The clouds came in.  I shivered.  Then something jumped and bit us!  It was so fast I couldn’t see what it was.  I felt tingly, then I carried a wand, and suddenly I knew lots of spells!  I used the wand to mend all our bites.  I jumped at a sound and was falling down.  I lay motionless on the ground.  A noise like stomping feet came closer.  The moon disappeared.  Then a hand came down and I fainted.
I woke up in my bed.  I remembered what happened.  Then I thought it was a dream.  But then I thought again!  All of a sudden, I appeared to be walking by my friend’s house.  Rachel ran screaming! Ah!  I was trapped on Halloween night!  Only this time, after I fell, Frankenstein showed up!  He chased me until I went into a clearing.  A very shabby house was there.  It looked old and battered.  The windows looked deserted, so I ran inside.  As soon as I stepped in, the door closed behind me and I fell through the ground.  A haunted house!  Frankenstein, goblins, Dracula, and other creatures were chasing me, including a mad scientist!  I ran for dear life until I stopped and tripped over Dracula and pulled off his head!  An old man sat there grinning.  I pulled his head off to reveal… my brother! 
“Ha!” he said.  “You should have seen the look on your face!”  He then imitated my face with a smile.
“You mean this was all a joke?” 
“Yup, and you fell for it!”
“Then I don’t know magic?”
“Magic?” he asked.
“So I can do magic!”  Then we all went trick-or-treating with my friends and my secret.  Magic!  The bite on my arm will mark that I know magic!  The next day my friends and I got accepted to magic school.  When I got there it was covered in cobwebs, spiders, and snakes.  It was dark and damp.  I shivered.  It was like dunking my head in ice cold water!  I saw bats.  I screamed!
I woke up in my bed.  “Not again!” I groaned.  I was stuck in terror on Halloween!

The Day I Moved
By Spencer

I got up early Friday.  Friday was the day I moved.  My dad got up a little while after me.  We started to pack up.  Then my brother got up with my mom and packed.  Once we were all packed we put it all in the car.  Then we got our dog Cody.

Once we got to our new house we saw there was a nice man.  He showed us around.  He looked pale.  Once the men left, Paxton, my brother, and I went for a walk.  We went to a cemetery.  On our way back we saw a boy.  We went closer and he ran away.  We looked back and we saw him again.  This time he didn’t run.  He also was pale.  He was playing with other kids.  We went over and asked if we could play. 
He said, “You must be the new kids.  What are your names?”  And we asked him his name.  It was Johnny.  He had long blonde hair and he was tall.

The next day we were there we went for a walk to the cemetery again.  We saw the same Johnny on a gravestone, and his friends’ names too.  Something smelled fishy.  After we got back from our walk we went to bed.  I heard a voice.  It said, “Get out of the neighborhood or else!”

I went to Johnny’s house after I woke up to play ball.  Johnny and his friends were still pale.  They started to crowd around us.  My spine grew stiff and I started to shiver.  I asked, “Why are you crowding us?” 

They said, “This neighborhood burnt down 28 years ago and when people come we kill them for blood.”
We were crowded around with pale people and we were stuck.  I went one way, my brother went the other.  We ran home.  I wanted to tell my mom we needed to get out of the neighborhood…now! 

When Paxton and I went home our parents came in and they looked pale now too.  I ran and so did Paxton.  I grabbed Cody, my dog, and we ran to the cemetery.  I saw that mom and dad’s grave was already there.  Now I knew why they were pale.  I ran faster.  My parents were blocking the road.  I screamed.  AAAHHH!  My heart was beating  faster than it was before.  Buh, buh, buh, buh. 
I heard Paxton’s voice yell, “Help!”
I ran near the voice and someone grabbed my neck.  “AH,AH!  That’s a relief!”  It was just Paxton.  Paxton screamed, “That was real!”  I looked back.  I said, “Run!”  I ran too.  We went out of the cemetery and we ran back home.  All the pale people blocked the door.  I tried to run.  We were trapped for sure.

I looked behind me, a pale people.  I look to the right, pale people.  I looked to the left, pale people.  Ba, ba, baa, someone threw a chicken head.  I couldn’t see.  It covered my eyes.  The pale people attacked and I ran.  They got me in a headlock and ate me from head to toe.  Paxton ran and also got eaten.  All I saw was black.  I thought, “There we go.  I can see again.”  I looked down, my hand was white.  I screamed.  I was white, and Paxton was, too.  I felt weird and then I fainted.  The End

When Dolls Attack
By Scott

One day it was raining and a zap of lightning hit our roof.  The next night something weird happened.  My house was very dark and gloomy and my sister’s toy was outside during this storm and turned evil!

Creek ,I heard something downstairs,  bang, bang, bang, bang.  I went to check downstairs.  AAHHH!  Something hit me in the arm.  It was too dark to see what it was, bang, bang, bang, bang.  I went upstairs to get my brother.  He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes.  We took two Nerf toys and went downstairs.  We saw something move.  It went upstairs.  My mom was in the bathtub and…  Zap, Zing.  We ran upstairs and attacked the evil Barbie.  Our mom got shocked and the Barbie turned my action figures evil.  They attacked us and we were losing.  Then they stopped.

“What just happened?” said my brother.
“Who knows?”

Eeeeek, the black front door opened and hissing sounds came in.  My brother was frozen stiff.  Hisssss.  I jerked back.  Venomous snakes!!!  Run!  We fired darts at them.  My arm hurt and it was bloody.  I bandaged it up.  Then a guy with a red chainsaw and a hook jumped in and cut up all the dolls.  Then he chased us around. His hockey mask was black and bloody.  His hook was so shiny.  He peered at me and I shivered.  A chill went down my spine.  He went away.  My brother and I cleaned it all up.  I told you something weird happened.

The Woods With the Witch
By Brandon

One day some kids were walking home, and they heard a sound from the woods.  So they went to check it out.  When they went to check it out it was so foggy and misty you could not see yourself.  Then one boy saw a barn.  The sound was coming from the barn. 

One of the kids wanted to go in the barn.  They all said, “Don’t go!”  But he did.  When he got in the barn he screamed as loud as he could.  The kids rushed in to see what was wrong but the boy was gone.  They heard a voice in the air.  So they went to check it out.  When they got outside they saw a witch!  They ran as fast as they could.  But the witch was too fast with her broom.

They ran and ran and they finally got out of the woods.  Then all the kids went home.  When they got home the witch was in the house.  The kids could hear strange noises upstairs.  So they went to go see what it was.  It was the witch!  But she didn’t see them. 

So the kids were going to make a trap for the witch.  The trap was ready.  They heard the witch coming downstairs.  She stepped in the trap.  The kids pulled the witch up.  But the witch put a spell on the kids.  And the kids were never seen again. 

The Spooky House
By Maeve

One time my friends and I were trick-or-treating on Halloween night.  When we were walking we saw haunted house.  So we went in the spooky house and we fell in a hole!  We found someone when we were hiding behind a chair.  There were spiders on the chair so we moved to a different place. 

But when we moved, a person saw us, and he caught us.  When we were running away he caught us and trapped us.  He had a cage and that’s how he trapped us with the cage.  But I saw a shiny key.  I tried to get it, but I couldn’t get it.  Finally the key moved a little closer to me and I could reach it. 

Then Hally and I started to run home.  Then we started walking again.  When we went past another haunted house we went in it because it was not really that spooky.  Once Hally and I went in this house we were both right because it was not really that spooky. 

I said, “Wait.  I hear something.  It was talking.”  When I heard the talking I told Hally and she said that she did not know who it was. 

We were walking around the house and we found a man.  It was the person we were looking for.  He did not see us but when Hally and I went up the stairs, a ghost popped out of a closet.  So we kept on walking.  After that Hally and I went home.  The End

The Scary Haunted House
By Andrew

There was a house on our street that hadn’t been lived in for a long time.  So I went to it.  When I got there I try to get in the yard but I came up to a gate.  There was no key, so I had to climb it.  The gate had snakes and hollow designs on it.  I made it over the gate and I saw the house.  It had lots of windows lit.  Some were dark and there were two pumpkins outside. 

I went inside and the door closed behind me.  I was scared.  I had gone to that house because I wanted to see why no one was living there.  The house had a dark stairway.  Then the lights went out.  I heard something coming towards me.  It was green.  It was Frankenstein.  AAAHHH! 

I ran through a door that was a fireplace.  I went in the fireplace and there were a lot of weeds.  I went in another room.  It was full of books.  It was a small library.  But I saw Frankenstein again.  I burst out of the room.  Okay, why is Frankenstein everywhere I go? 

“Hey, a baseball,” I said to myself.  Wait a minute!  It had blood on it!   I jumped out of the window. I made it out of that house and never went back again.  The End.

The Laundry Monster
by Caroline
    “Hey, Mom, I will be doing my laundry down in the cellar,” I said to my mom. 
    “Okay honey; make it quick. You have soccer practice,” she replied.  So, I was doing my laundry in the cold cellar when all of a sudden I felt a chill down my back.  But, I kept going anyway. Then I saw something moving in the laundry closet by the dryer.  I stepped back and something popped out at me! 
    I did not know what it was, but it kind of looked like the Laundry Monster!  It had veins and huge horns on top of his head.  His feet smelled like the dumpster.  I felt his creepy eyes watching me.  I heard thunder in the distance and I did not know what to do.  Could it be the dryer?   
    He stuck me in the dryer within seconds.   Then he grabbed me, and we were back in the cellar in a flash!  I felt a painful pinch.  Maybe it was a spider bite, but then I felt it sizzling in pain.  It hurt more than anything!  Ouch! 
    I just remembered that I had to go to soccer.  I tried to get away from the Laundry Monster.  Then I finally did.  I ran upstairs to my mom to get my shoes for soccer.  I felt like something was following me, but then again maybe something wasn’t. 

The Disappearance

 By Cameron
     “Hey, John!”
    John didn’t know who it was, but whoever it was woke him up.  John went downstairs and saw Max was already dressed.  The boys had long blonde hair and green eyes. 
    John said, “Why are you already dressed, Max?”
    Max said, “Let’s go to the haunted house down the street.”
    “It’s not haunted, people just say it is,” said John.
    “Let’s just go and check it out,” said Max.  So John got dressed and on they went. 
    The house looked old and shingles were about to fall off.  They went to the window.  There were old paintings with spider webs on them and everything else.  There was dirt and dust. 
    John and Max went into the house.  There was a light that didn’t work when you pulled the string.  There was a BANG!  And then it was quiet.  There was a scratching noise.  Then came out an old, twitchy man who wore shabby clothes, and he had a long, long beard.  He looked very strange. 
    He said, “Hickory, hickory, Do make these boys disappear.”  The boys were gone. They disappeared into thin air.  And they were never seen again.

                                                       The End

Spooky Room
By Patrick

One time I went in my room.  There was a strange scratching noise in my attic.  I went up in the attic, and what I saw were glowing eyes and shiny sharp teeth!  So I went downstairs and got my light. 

I went up. .. AAAHHH!  Standing in front of me was a werewolf!  My heart was pounding!  But when I went to get the keys to get out, there was a bony hand trying to grab me! 

I went down to my room and straight to my bed, but I couldn’t go to sleep.  There was something bony under my pillow.  It was a bony hand.  It had bumpy edges and flat surfaces.  I didn’t know that I had a skeleton beside me!
But he jumped out the window.  He ran into the graveyard next to my house.  He dove in his grave.  I would not go in the attic again!

Something in the Woods
By Camryn

 “Mom, I’m going outside to get my bike,” I shouted.  So I went outside in the dark.  I couldn’t see a thing.  I remembered where I left it in the woods.  I went in the dark, black, spooky woods. 
I saw a big black shadow behind the bushes, with pointy ears.  I thought it was a werewolf, but what I found out it was was my sister’s stuffed animal.  I knew there was nothing in the woods.  I went on in the woods.  I saw something furry, and I knew it was probably a bush.  But it moved.  I thought it was probably just the wind.  Something howled again.  Something was chasing me.  I couldn’t see what it was.  It was thumping on the ground.  I couldn’t breathe for a second.  My teeth chattered.  

As I ran, I saw my bike.  As I was going to get my bike, I fell in a mud puddle.  I knew it was a werewolf.  I screamed, “Aahhhh! Help me!”I got up and ran.  I looked behind me.  I saw more werewolves chasing me.  I was running so fast that I was running out of breath.  I had goosebumps.  There was a hiding spot and I hid in it.  It had thorns and prickles.  It hurt so bad.  I think they lost me.  I looked around and it was so deep in the woods.  I’d thought I was lost. 

I heard someone call me and I knew it was coming from the right.  I went out of the hiding spot.  I tried to find my way back with my clothes all ripped up.  Will I make it?  I screamed but no one answered back.  It was almost morning when I started limping back.  I was getting closer to a light.  It was coming from my house.  I finally made it.  I had rips on my legs from claws and teeth marks.  My mom saw me and rescued me.  Now I know never to go in the woods again.  The end.

By Sophia

 “Mom, Mom, where are you?”  I was riding my horse out in the woods.  The trees had scraggly branches with no leaves, but somehow I lost sight of my mom.  I thought about what my mother had said about staying where you are if you were lost, but my horse was in control now. 

As I found myself in front of a house I noticed it was old and shingles were coming off of the roof.  It seemed like nobody had lived there for a long time.  But somehow it did seem like people were living there now.  I thought I was not scared for a long time, then I realized I was scared of spooky houses.  I decided to go inside and, like every other creepy house, the inside was creepier than the outside.  How could I have been so stupid!

As I walked along I told myself that there are no elevators in spooky houses, but right in front of me was an elevator.  It was old.  So naturally I didn’t want to take it.  I kept walking until I found a staircase.  Being stupid I walked up it.  For some reason I found myself falling, Ahhhh!

Suddenly I found myself sitting in a room that I thought was the basement.  I decided to look around.  I saw cobwebs and then something caught my eye.  It was gold and had silver handles.  It had writing.  It was a coffin in the middle of the basement floor.  I walked over to it.  I searched it and then found a lock.  It looked like it needed a key which I found under the coffin.  I opened it up. 

What was inside was red and black, and had a face.  It was the owner of the house, and he had a note in his hand.  It said: This is the owner of this really creepy house that you are in.  But even though I was reading silently in my head it sounded like someone was reading it aloud.  I felt tingles down my back.  I broke into a sweat.  I leaned down to read the note again and looked at the owner and his mouth moved!  He started sitting up slowly, reaching up, chick,chick,chick.  It sounded weird, but I wasn’t scared.  Now I remembered a story my mom once told me about the ghost in Sleepy Hollow’s house.  Apparently this was Sleepy Hollow’s house.  I didn’t like the thought of it but it was his house, and there was no escaping now.  How I hated being trapped without my mom but I had to get over my fear.

I walked around a little more and found a secret passage that I took.  I kept walking till it reached a fork in it. I didn’t know which way to go.  I listen to my natural instincts. ..  Left, left, it said.  I went left then I found myself at a doorway.  It looked like it had secret writing on the rim around the door.  It was ancient.  It was also locked, so I put the key in and found that it opened!  Inside there was gold and silver.  “COOL!” I said.  I kept walking till I found another door that had more secret writing, and it opened with the same key.  “How weird,” I said in my brain. The words echoed out loud.  Count Dracula was behind me!

AHHHHHH!  I ran as fast as I could through a courtyard.  What the…?  How did I get to a courtyard?  Well, the courtyard had tons of trees and a lot of flowers, but what I thought I would see were skeletons. 

As soon as I thought that, they came out.  Everywhere, all over the place, they came out walking and talking to each other.  Around the courtyard they went.  Picking flowers every minute or two.  They were swinging on the trees.   They were kids skeletons and cute ones at that.  But that meant they could run faster.  So that was negative.  I got the facts there fast: cute and apparently loving at that.  I went over to one and asked his name.  It was William he said.  His friends called him Wacky William.  But I thought that he was cute, very cute.  So I took him by the hand and we walked further into the courtyard.  We walked on and on.  Then I found a doorway and I opened it.  He led me outside and walked with me to my house.  He became my best friend.  The End

It’s Just My Friend and Me
By Nikolas

I always wondered what was in my basement, but my mom told me never to go down there.  Five weeks later my mom went to Vermont for a wedding from my sister’s godmother’s son so I decided to make a plan.  My friend and I could go down and see what my mom was hiding.   I called my friend and asked, “Hey, Nick, do you want to come over?”

“Sure,” he said.

After what seemed like an hour I heard his car, role in the driveway, chhhhhhpup.  I heard the brakes, eeeeeeaaaa.  It sounded like fingers scraping a chalkboard.  Then Nick came in and I said, “Let’s go down into the basement.”

But he said, “Your mom doesn’t let you go down there.”

But I said, “I don’t care.”

“Okay,” Nick said. 
So we went down into the basement.  It was pitch black and I saw a shadow.  It was heading towards me, and it got bigger and bigger until it disappeared.  But I saw one part of it.  I think it was furry and had big red beating eyes and hardly any hair.  Its teeth and claws showed in the moonlight.

The basement was dark but I saw something in the distance, a small emerald case with a small emerald and blue diamond knife.  Right next to it was what I figured was a dead man.  Then the thing appeared again.  It walked like a dinosaur.  It was about 10 feet tall and had ripped clothes on its back.  It was a werewolf!  The werewolf was carrying a torch which he threw into the fire pit and lit up the whole basement.  I was so scared that I could not move my legs.  The werewolf came toward me and grabbed my legs and chained me to the wall.  It made my heart beat as fast as a shark could swim.  That’s how scared I was.

My friend Nick screamed, “AAHHHH!”  At least he escaped, but I lay there, still, cold, and half starved to death for three years.  And I never went down there again.

 by Rachel

“Mom, Mom!  Come on let’s go!”  I said full of impatience. “I want to go up that huge staircase!”           
Hi! My name is Cristina. I have pitch black hair and light skin. I  am 6 years old and mom says my eyes are bright, big, and blue.I always ware pants and my hair in a headband. Everyone thinks I am funny and good at getting scared.

We were in a room full of interesting things and a staircase.  The staircase was old and some of the Halloween Black cat color was peeling off like tape, and there was a pitch black spider hanging on the rusted copper railing.  The railing was old and it was twisting upwards like a snake.  An old chandelier was hanging from the ceiling.  It too was copper and rusted, and the lights were dimmed.  Up in the corner was a spider web, full of dust.  And by the railing of the stairs was a picture of a girl in pigtails with her head floating off her neck with puffs of ruby red colored smoke.

“I don’t know sweetie, the people that go up never come down,” said my worried mom.
“Anyway,” I said, “I’m going up with or without you.”  I started up the stairs without her.
“No!” she cried, but I had already started up the old, creaky, and dark staircase.

It was very, very, very dark, and every step I took made a creaking sound.  Then suddenly I stopped full of fright.  My spine started to tingle, and I started to breathe hard.  Suddenly, I saw a shadow.  My heart pounding, I took a short, quick glance at it, and I screamed!  What I saw was very, very tall.  I was twitching with fright.  It was also making a low breathing sound.  I was so scared I jumped against a wall.  I dared a quick, short peak.  I bit my nails I was so scared.  But I went on to see what it was.  It was hairy and, not to mention, smelly…but a familiar smell, kind of like my dad’s.  Wait a minute, it was my dad!

“Where were you?” he asked surprised.

“I wanted to go up these unusual stairs,” I said.  I was surprised at what his reaction was.

“Silly, these are the stairs you go on every time you come to visit me,” Dad said.
“Really?”  I asked surprised.  “Mom said they were “Doom” stairs.”

“No silly,” he said as he walked down the stairs with me.

“Why did Mom say it?” he asked.

“I don’t know,” I exclaimed in surprise.  Suddenly we were off the stairs but Mom wasn’t there.  In her place was a ghost.  “Oh dear,” I said.

“You forgot again?” said Dad.
“Boo!”  Mom said.
“What?”  I asked.
“Mom has been a ghost for three years,” he said. “And you keep getting scared again and again.  Why do you keep forgetting?”
“Oh,” I said.  Then I laughed…  AGAIN!

Family Mystery
By Zach

Every night I hear something go down my chimney I hear this when I hear him go down the chimney: “You’ll be next young man.”  But then one night at 10 p.m. something sliced my sheets.  It felt like something was watching me, and I couldn’t sleep at all that night.  I was so tired the next morning my eyelids were a sliver open.  I went down to breakfast and my baby brother had very sharp teeth. 

“Why are my brother’s teeth is so sharp?”  I asked my mom.

“I don’t know,” my mom said.  I was sure something was going on that was really weird.

The kitchen had a high chair and a brass table with six other chairs.  My brother was sitting in a high chair and my dad, me, and my mom were sitting in three of the six chairs.  After breakfast we had to go to school.  I was so embarrassed.  People kept teasing me because my brother had sharp teeth.

The next day at school my brother started eating people.  The teacher said, “You stop eating people, or you’re going to the principal’s office.”  And he had to go to the principal’s office.  But he ate the principal too. 

When I came home my mom asked me, “Why does your brother have a tail?”
“I don’t know,” I said. 

That night something was watching me.  It had sharp teeth.  My eyes were wide open and I was frozen still.  It was a vampire, but even worse it was….  my brother!!  For some reason I could not move.  He leaned down and bit me.  I screamed wildly.  Then my mom and dad woke up and they were vampires too.  My dad was Count Dracula!

My room was now pitch black, and it was 12 o’clock midnight.  The next morning before school and after breakfast I went to wash my face.  When I looked in the mirror I was…  A werewolf!  Every night at midnight I turn into a werewolf.  I go outside and into the woods.  I kill everyone who tries to go into the woods.  I have perfect camouflage and have a lot of stealth.  So that is why you can’t hear me at night.

I ended up turning back into a human.  Oh yes, about my brother?  He’s back to normal too and my mom and dad also.  So after that I had a regular life.

A Scary Adventure
By Jaqueline
 “Hey Johanna what is that thing in the woods?” I asked my sister.
“It’s a haunted house,” she replied.
 “It sure looks scary,“ I whispered.

Me and my sister had no lights. We were both staring in the woods. We saw Bob the skeleton with his friend Wolf .He and the wolf scared us and in the woods.  There was a haunted house that was his house.

Then all of his friends came out of the house, spiders and grim reapers and mummies and the worst of all, Frankensteins. Bob the skeleton told them to run after me and my sister. So we ran around and around the house, but they caught us. They put us in a very dark place with spiders and ghosts and goblins.

Me and my sister were scared, very, very scared. But my sister found an escape so we got out.  But we got lost. We were in a scary swamp and it was very hard to get out.

But we found another way out then we were home. But when we got through the door there was a vampire and it bit both of us.  Now we both knew we were going to be vampires.

By Griffin

I was walking in the woods.  It was dark, slimy, and smelly.  I heard a slight Eeeee!!!  I couldn’t move anything.  Before I knew it, I was on the ground.  Six huge eyes were staring at me.  I felt claws on my chest.  I screamed.  I tried to get up and run but my leg was cut wide open.  So I limped away.  I turned my head and three 5 inch claws dug into my face.  All I could do was fight back. 

By now I was thinking I didn’t have a chance because I needed medical attention right away.  I threw a fist and nailed one in the mouth.  When I did that I blacked out.  I woke up in the hospital.  I had stitches in my face and leg.  The doctor said, “You were attacked by a Fox-faced bat.”

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