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Student Work » Food, Glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food

Food, Glorious Food!

A perfect ice cream Sundae

Creamy white and cold,

Mouthwatering sweet and delicious,

Cream, milk, and sugar,

On a hot day,

Eating it is better than watching TV,

Won’t you try some of the best ice cream in the world?

By Claire


Yummy chicken,

Big and juicy,



At night,

Eating chicken is better than falling,

Won’t you try some delicious chicken?

By Hannah


Tasty banana split,

Ice cream with hot chocolate and bananas,

Chocolatey, creamy taste,

Scoop the ice cream and plop on the chocolate sauce,

When the chocolate sauce is hot,

Eating a banana split is better that making my bed,

Won’t you try some really tasty banana split?

By Heather



Fishy, fried, yummy perch,

A little like trout,

I like it fried,

When it’s nice and crispy,

Eating perch is better than getting sick.

Won’t you try some delicious perch?

By Sarah


Delicious cake,

Round and big, chocolatey,

Chocolatey, sprinkly, cold,

Put it in the oven to cook,

When bottoms are cold,

Eating yummy cake is better than falling down the stairs,

Won’t you try some chocolatey cake?

By Harrison


Warm apple crisp,

Warm and crusty, sweet and warm,

Sweet cinnamon, creamy,

Put it in the oven ‘til it’s hot,

Eat it after lunch and dinner,

Eating apple crisp is better than boxing,

Won’t you try some sweet apple crisp?

By Joseph



Big and juicy,

Juicy and cheesy,

Grill it and put it on the bun,

When Mom’s not home,

Eating cheeseburgers is better than ham and beans,

Won’t you try some cheesy burgers?

By Cody


Yummy Ice Cream,

Ice cream,

Oreo crushed in,

Sweet and creamy,

Crush ‘til it’s all mushed,

Eating ice cream is better that falling on the tar,

Won’t you try some delicious ice cream?

By Alexis


Chubby fudge cake,

So warm and fudgy,

It tastes so yummy and warm,

You bake the cake,

After dinner,

Eating cake is better than washing the van.

Won’t you try some yummy cake?

By Elijah


Yummy Steak,

Hot and tasty,

Big, juicy, salty, and delicious,

You cook it on a grill,

When it’s done,

Eating steak is better that falling on your face,

Won’t you try some delicious steak?

By Ryan


Banana split,

Creamy and nice,

Cream taste,

Banana, cream, ice cream, toppings,

When they put it together,

Eating banana splits is better than hurting,

Won’t you try some banana splits?

By Justin


Yummy Cookie,

Crunchy, warm, and chocolatey,

Very yummy and sweet,

Bake in the oven ‘til it’s done,

At night after dinner,

Eating a cookie is better than breaking your leg,

Won’t you try some delicious cookies?

By Lydia



Hot, crunchy, and buttery,

Fruity, tasty, and salty,

Heat it up and cook it,

After desert,

Eating pie is better than liver,

Won’t you try some pie?

By Nico



Yummy cake,


Put it in the oven,

Eat it after dinner,

Eating cake is better than eating pie,

Won’t you try some yummy cake?

By Lindsay

Yummy vanilla milkshake,

Cold and icy,

Vanilla and creamy,

Scoop ice cream into the bowl,

After dinner,

Drinking milkshakes is better than tripping and scraping your knee,

Won’t you try some delicious vanilla milkshake?

By Briauna


Pizza go nest,

Big and cherry,


Put it in a microwave,

At night,

Eating pizza is better than backpacks,

Won’t you try some delicious pizza?

By John



Fishy pike, spicy,

Tase of the ocean,

Cook it on a stove,

Night and morning,

Eating trout is better than falling on a sidewalk,

Won’t you try some juicy trout?

By Jennie



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