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Social Studies » Civil War

Civil War



Our Civil War was the darkest time in our history. Would our nation survive this bitter dispute between the North and the South? Brother fought brother. American fought American. Casualties were counted on both sides. Slavery was one of the major causes of this terrible war. With the help of Abraham Lincoln and other leaders our nation began to heal the breach between the Northern and Southern states.

We survived this terrible time and our nation became stronger. You will find information and photos about the Civil War on the sites below which might help explain this period in our history.

General Grant
Union Army

Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate States of America

General Lee
Confederate Army

Civil War Sites

BrainPOP Civil War
Women of the American Civil War The American Civil War
Civil War Photographs Civil War Timeline
Abraham Lincoln The First Memorial Day
The Yankees Are Coming! Clara Barton
The Capture of Fayetteville Final Resting Place
Gettysburg Address The South's Secret Submarine
The History Place The Civil War at Smithsonian

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