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Math » Measure Up!

Measure Up!




Being able to measure the world around us is a life skill.  When we cook, build things, and buy shoes we need to understand measurements.  When scientists send spacecraft to the moon or perform experiments they need to measure.  When artists paint or create sculptures they need to measure.  Think about all the things you do every day and you will see how many ways you need to know how to measure.  We measure length, weight, capacity, volume, temperature, and time.  There is an entire webpage for learning about time on this site.

Web Sites

Measuring with Toothpicks How do you measure up?
Measurement Task Cards Historical Ways to measure using body parts
Customary Units of Length Customary Units of Weight
Customary Units of Capacity Metric System and History
Make your own thermometer Centimeter game
Metric scavenger hunt Easy Measurement Converter
Measurement word search Fill and Pour
Hide the Ladybug Ladybug Maze
Measure It Game Area and Perimeter
Animal Weigh In The World of Measurement
Estimating Length Movie Weight and Capacity Movie

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